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Okay, we are all Pentaxians, and love the system. But, which lenses would you consider as must haves for any Pentaxian? Obviously cost would be taken into account, but if a lens that is widely available but expensive is a "must have", then include it. We shall exclude rare or very difficult to get hold of lenses, as only a small number of people have them and won't part with them (I am thinking of the FA*85mm F1.4 as a start)

For me, it would be the following:-

DA*50-135mm F2.8. The most expensive, but it is a stunner! Plust you can get them new.
55mm F1.8 - A must! does not matter which version (any Tak, or the K-55), any pentaxian has to have one to realise the sheer delight of a small well made sharp prime.
35mm F3.5 - A takumar, which proves fast does not mean perfect! This IS perfect.
50mm F1.7 - Sweeter than the F1.4 and cheaper too. Welcome to the world of the "nifty"
28mm F2.8 - again any flavour. I have the SMC-F one. ugly but sharp and stunning!
135mm F3.5 - I don't have one, but anyone who does say it is the sweetest 135mm Pentax made, either M42 or K-mount.
DA-40mm F2.8 Limited - Cheapest Limited and a proper Pancake. Sharp as anything and intro to the world of Limiteds. So small that it is a talking point too.

Your turn.
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FA* 31mm - can't be a serious Pentaxian without this one.


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i have a 135 f3.5 and cannot fault it a great lens
also very impressed with my A 135 f2.8
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My 2p worth:

DA15 limited - Always in my camera bag. Small, light, portable and has the elusive 'pixie dust'
DA10-17 - I didn't think I'd like a fish-eye, but in many ways I prefer the rendering to rectilinear ultra-wides.
M85/2 - Great for people shots, small, comparatively light and with really nice IQ.
K135/2.5 - Had mine stolen recently, but a gem. Beautifully built, a pleasure to use and really good image quality. I'm be looking for another one.

Going slighty off-piste:

Tamron Adaptall SP 90mm/2.5 macro - Pretty good as both a macro and a portrait lens.
Helios 44 - Good IQ and very different rendering, plus serves as a reminder how beautifully engineered Pentax lenses of the same era are.
Tamron 17-50 - Excellent and a worthy upgrade from the kit lens; If I had to have just one lens, this would probably be it (for entirely practical reasons, though - it's technically very good but lacks the character and soul of the limiteds or older Pentax lenses...)


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DA35 Limited. Sure, it's slower and more expensive than the DA-L 35, but having a normalish FOV and essentially no minimum focus distance means its value as a walkaround should not be underestimated.


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OK here goes ....

A 50/1.2 @ f/1.2 -- Can't be beaten for character and depth.

DA 10-17 -- Wide angle perspective LSD. love it. great for panos too

DA* 50-135 -- covers the boring focal length ranges in the most superb of quality and at 2.8
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It's not a Pentax, but it's K-mount and it definitely counts

I'd also throw the 18-55 WR into the mix, simply because it's the most widely available, most versatile, most bulletproof go-anywhere lens available for the system.
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According to the AP Test Report the 43mm LTD was the
best standard lens ever made, although I prefer to use
the A Series 50mm f/1.7 which handles just about any
job I throw at it superbly. I rarely use my 43mm.

Lately I've been going back to the A Series 50mm f/2.8
Macro because of it's very clear image at f/2.8....
not really any need to stop it down and the
fact that it focuses accurately like a micrometer at close
distances of around 1M.

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For my area of ​​interest (street, sports-action portrait) and my way of taking pictures (90% snapshot) would like to have two top of the lensA*50-135mm F2.8 and smc FA 31 mm f/1,8 AL Limited !
So far unrealized dreams! Compensation "I find" the Sigma.:

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My "Keepers" list:

The FA*85 f1.4 is probably the last lens I would part with, the F*300 f4.5 is my favourite telephoto, the F100 f2.8 macro has recently become my favoured macro (even over the DA100 WR), I always keep an F50 f1.7, and at the wide end I don't have a "special" lens (i've just sold my DA Ltd 21 f3.2 - which I think I may soon regret).

But ask me again next week and it could be different - "The Joy of Pentax"


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M85/2 - tiny, sharp, lovely bokeh. Beautiful blur when shot wide open.
K135/2.5 - a bit bigger but also sharp with lovely bokeh.
DA35/2.4 - sharp, super smooth bokeh, classy IQ for a bargain price.


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I'm with Unlocker - it's the FA*85 that's the must have....

As it's been disqualified I will go for the DA*16-50 and DA*60-250 - since they've come back from JPS with new SDM motors the cameras deliver better quality than my D3 and Nikkors.
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Sorry - I managed to miss the "disqualified" bit


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Must-haves depend on what you like to photograph. I like portraits and travel more than anything.

I would regard the DA 35 ltd as the over-all best-performing lens. It produces really beautiful shots with a clarity that nothing else I've tried comes close to.

Beyond that, I'd say the venerable M 50mm f/1.7 is a must-have as it's so common, cheap and produces excellent results.
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I wouldn't part with my DA 35 Ltd, it's just so useful.
The M 50mm 1.7 has a special place in heart too.
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