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using two mirrors facing each other to get a multi reflection of an object, what is the way to get the shot without you or the camera being in it if there is one or is it all down to photoshop. any help/advice as always much appreciated
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three ways I can think of...
angles... maybe there is one you can find by trial and error...(possibly using more mirrors)

shoot through half silvered mirror... (and old theater trick for stage performances of Dracula was to have a fake mirror which was an ordinary pane of glass that was positioned in a black box and using a light source to make the glass/blackbox act either like a mirror or allow see through... flip a switch, and everybody's image reflects off the mirror, flip the switch again, and Dracula has no reflection...)

cut a whole through a blacked out backdrop to poke the lens through or find some other way to disguise the lens/camera in the frame...
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I've got a small mirror made for titling on film movie cameras. It consists of alternate lines about 4mm wide of mirror then clear glass so that the camera can see through the slits like it does through a railing. You fix it to the camera lens with rubber bands.

I doubt if you can buy them now. You may be able to remove the silvering on a mirror with a craft knife.

Daft part is I can't remember how it was supposed to be used
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This is an in depth look at this problem Link

It got a bit beyond me.


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thanks for the replies and yes that article from CoDa is quite heavy, also had help from thoramay which has been very useful once again i,m glad i bought a Pentax
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