Monthly Competition #3 Opposites


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This Competitions runs from Sept 1st to Sept 30th Midnight:
All usual rules apply (see fortnight rules).

This Monthly comp is going to be about opposites and only two photos will be required.

The two photos can be presented together in a true diptych form, meaning both images are in one image(frame), but it is NOT a requirement, as you may also present them in two separate images( frames.)

One image can be used from your archives but ONE MUST be taken within the time frame of the comp.(even if you combind the two images into one frame)

I have included ideas to give you a sense of what I am looking for...please feel free to use any idea on the list or come up with your own opposites.

The starkness of the opposite is what I am looking for; as well as the quality of your photo. Creativity is welcomed and photos can be PP.....Most of all,

LET HAVE TONS OF FUN. Please remember to include a TITLE

#Rich man/Poor man
#Long hair/ short hair
#Young child /Elderly
#Happy /Sad
#Decade/ Fresh
#Rain / Sunshine
#Pollutions / Clean
#Macro /Wide angle
#Man / Woman...Boy/Girl
#Water / Land
#Frozen /Melting
#City life/ Country life.....and so on!!!


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1. Oil & Water in Black & White

(Macro abstract of olive oil droplets on water in a glass dish with coloured paper below).

2. Chalk & Cheese

Both 8th September
K5 DFA100macro


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Who needs a Spa?

Model PENTAX K-x
ISO 200
Exposure 1/25 sec
Aperture 4.0
Focal Length 28mm
Flash Used true

Model PENTAX K-x
ISO 200
Exposure 1/180 sec
Aperture 8.0
Focal Length 35mm
Flash Used true capture with my K-x what my eye beholds and my imagination seeks...


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LARGE Large by darlene Phillips deedee, on Flickr">[img]" class="comment_image" />

Large by darlene Phillips deedee, on Flickr" class="comment_image" />

or small small by darlene Phillips deedee, on Flickr">[img]" class="comment_image" />

small by darlene Phillips deedee, on Flickr" class="comment_image" />

Taken Sept.09,2011
pentax km2000
ISO 100
focal length 50mm / 47.5
aperture f/5.6
shutter speed 4.0s /1.0s
flash used Metz
exposure mode /manual
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Interior of the Singapore Atrium Holiday Inn. These pictures are opposites in another way, I guess, as the first was taken during the day, the second at night!

Pentax K5
Sigma 10-20 f4-5.6
ISO 400
1/20 sec

Pentax K5
Sigma 10-20 f4-5.6
ISO 1600
1/6 sec
Sigma 10-20

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1. Spring blossom

2. The last drab autumn leaves

The exact same branches on the cherry tree outside my house - taken opposite sides of the year, almost exactly six months apart (1. on 25th March, 2. today).

Some of my vaguely better stuff


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Monthly Comp #3

Thank you to everyone who entered, however with only 5 entries in a month, it appears that there is not much interest in a monthly competitions( maybe I should add YET?!!). I know Garth let last month’s comp run two months but he still only had four entries.

Even though the entries are low, I might add that I was delighted with the images that were submitted:

Here is my adjudication and final judging for the follow photos:

Dr Orloff: Oil and Water & Chalk and Cheese:

You hold the WOW Factor with this entry. It was brilliant how you accomplish so many opposites with the two photos, both within EACH photo and the photos with each other

1. Black and White/ Colour
2. Liquid / Solid
3. Oil/Water
4. Eatable / Non eatable
5. Black background /white-light background.

The photography was stunning. The technique impeccable and your creativities held no bounds. The use of coloured paper in your water and oil shot, made the different grey tones interesting to look at. You lighting and sharpness, in the second shot (Chalk and Cheese) made one feel like they could reach up and take those crackers and eat!( minus the chalk)
That was a fantastic entry. I thank you for being so prompt in your timing, I was really hoping that your photo would inspire a large flow of entries....but it was not to be.

RPLSF: Who Needs a Spa?

What a charming and delightful photo this was, and it was exactly what I envisioned when I posted my theme. The baby mucking in the mud; what a capture. The lighting in this shot was beautifully done. You can see the texture of the mud with fine detail. Great job focusing. I do hope that photo finds its way into the family photo album, as I am sure it can be chuckled at for generations.

The little one in the tub....she is a picture of pure delight here. I loved the floating bubble in the air and suds on top of her head. I can see the work you put into this, getting it just right, but yet, letting the subject be herself and un-posed. Fantastic work! Her expression sure draws you in. The only (small) thing I did not care for was the harsh shadow the fell across her chest and arm. To correct that you need the flash not aimed right at you cannot reposition your flash.... then use a diffuser. They are easy to make.

1. Child looking up/ Child looking down
2. Child’s hair in pony tail/ Child’s hair down
3. Child Clothed/ Child nude
4. Child outside/ Child inside
5. Child dirty/ Child clean
Thank you for the most delightful and humorous photo. I loved it.

Darlene: Large or Small.

Oh my, this was a tough one. It was incredible hard to see the difference in size Darlene. I would have needed a side by side shot. In photography I have learned that when showing size it must have something to compare it too. I remember one time my husband had gone to the great Cathedral Forest here in Canada, and he took photos...but since he had no model nor had put his shoe or something beside the tree....they just looked like any old trees. We went back together this summer and we stood beside the trees and you can see that they are super huge! I also remember a photo that was taken of the foot of a very tiny newborn baby, and again you could not tell how small that foot was but in the next photo we put a match box beside that tiny foot and the match box was bigger...see what I mean!

Having looked carefully at your photos I was impressed. The lighting and focus on the first photo “Large” was wonderfully done. Photographing white can be very challenging as it can and does “blow out”. I felt that photo was was beautiful. This photo could be used to sell popcorn.

The second one “or Small” had a bit of blur in the front of it, and it does not take at all from the photo, because this could be the desired effect a photographer might be wanting. I did still find opposite in your photos even if it was not exactly the one you were going for!

1. Containers were opposite patterns....White on red/ Red on white.
2. One had lots of spilled pop corn/ One had a little spilled popcorn
3. “Large” in complete focus/” Little” in spot focus (foreground soft)

Aliengrove: Up & Down.

One of the first opposite most little ones learn is up and down. I was thrilled to see that one could indeed capture that so well.

I found your photo fascinating, well thought out, and wonderful to look at. Both photos are a great piece of photography! Your choice of focus is lovely, and your lighting wonderfully controlled. Your composure was the thing that I felt was just breath taking. Talk about capturing the illusion of depth, if ever such a competition arises; you have the most fantastic photo in your archive. It takes a well trained eye to capture depth in a photo.

1. Grey tones/ Gold tones
2. Daylight/ night light
3. Going Up/ Going Down
Wonderfully done!

Northgrain; Spring Blossom and Last Drab of Autumn Leaves

What a wonderful surprise your photo was for me. I was delighted to have one more entry too!

Opposite season was an excellent choice, and it was one of the reasons why I wanted to allow one from the archives. Like RPLSF, it was the kind of photo I had in mind when I set this comp in place.
I loved the blossom photo. The lighting in this photo is almost magical. The sun seems to shine right through flowers making look fantastic. The blue of the sky in the background seem flawless. The composition of flowers filling the whole photo makes this shot seem larger than life. I could see this photo in print on the wall; add life to the room it is in.

Last drab of Leave photo made for a striking opposite. It was very creative of you to do a photo shoot six months apart in the same place and same tree. I would have to give you 100% for such a well thought out task! I did find the lighting not as well controlled, and the white was a bit blown in the background. My eyes did not seem to know where to look, maybe that was a focus problem, a bit too far to the upper lefthand corner? I do understand that leave are not going to be as lovely to the eye as perhaps the blossoms, and the blossoms were extraordinaire. I am totally grateful for your entry, somehow that extra entry made me extra pleased.

1. Spring/ fall
2. Leaves/flowers

First Place: Doc Orloff

Second Place. RPLS and Aliengrove

Third Place: Darlene & Northgrain.

I choice the shared placements (of second and third), not because there were so few photo, but rather because the quality of these photos really did deserve placements, and were very par with each other.

Over to you Doc!!

Regards; JA
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Congratulation Doc Orloff First Place Well deserved , It sure was a wow factor. The entries were all well done enjoyed each one . Thanks JA for feeling my picture had quality in spite of the fact It was incredible hard to see the difference in size. And thanks for the BIG tip You always do an awesome adjudication


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Congrats Dr O - really inspired stuff.

And thanks JudithAnn for the constructive judging of a really excellent theme. I knew the leaves photo didn't cut the mustard, but ran out of time and really wanted to support the comp anyway. Just a shame there weren't a few more entries.

Some of my vaguely better stuff


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Congrats Dr Orloff, two very well put together images. Conrats too to all the other entries, and thanks for the joint second place, JudithAnn, and for setting an interesting competition! Excellent judging and comments too! A shame there weren't more entries, let's hope with time this comp grows and becomes more popular..

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Thankyou JA for the great critique of this comp. Congratulations to DrOrloff for a well deserved win. And a thanks for my shared 2nd. I am now trying to devise a defuser for my flash from some packing foam I am learning more every day. I do wish there were more entries... Maybe October will provide?.... capture with my K-x what my eye beholds and my imagination seeks...


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Thank you very much everybody....has anyone hear from the Doc yet:




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He's around. Sorry, I missed this. Well done for setting this competition. Disappointing that there were so few entries given it was cut down to two, including one possible archive shot. And you gave a lot of ideas up front.

All new ideas seem to die quickly. I really liked the idea of the monthly, but I wonder whether it is worth carrying on? I'm happy to set a new competition if there is a willingness to participate.
You can see some of my photos here if you are so inclined


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Well Doc.....Let give it another go. Nothing to lose setting up a new topic.



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RPLS...Packing foam???
I am not sure what that is, but white paper works very well in diffuser...have a look on youtube for some ideas.

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