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I've posted this as a new member as don't want to let too much out but come do with some advice, I have seen a few lenses at auction in mixed lots with loads of accesories and bodies and would welcome your views on the following lenses and what they might be worth in the current market.

M 15mm F3.5 lens, boxed 5
M 28mm F3.5 lens
M 100mm F4 Macro
A 300mm F4
A 50mm F2.8 Macro

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Just have a look on Ebay

Regards, Horst


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The 15mm would be very expensive, it's very rare.

The 28mm is worth maybe 40 quid max, the 100mm maybe 100, the 50mm 120 and I don't know about the 300.

That's based on the going rates from what I've seen, but I understand they're all good or exceptional lenses.
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The 28mm f3.5 is a cracker - 40 or otherwise - can't comment on the rest as I have not used them.
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The M 100mm macro is a cracking lens. Pin sharp. But a common fault is element seperation in both the front and rear pairs. I've experienced it in two lenses. Once in the rear elements and looking like a fingerprint on the glass, it made the lens very soft. The other one I have at the moment and the front elements are efected, there is a bearly discernable haze about 1/2 a millimetre wide round the outside of the glass. It doesn't seem to have any effect on the image, though I am told that it will get worse. It can be fixed but the cost is likelely to be a couple of hundred quid! I suggest getting one from a dealer rather than through Ebay.

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I concur with Stuey on the M28 F3.5. It is probably worth a tad more than 40 if in mint condition, but I wouldn't part with mine for 400 let alone 40. It's a superb lens.


Edit: Actually, I would part with it for 400 because I could buy another for 50 or so and spend the rest on other lenses!

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