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I don't care if it will be manual focus only, but what option do I have to buy a cheap but sharp (and with less IQ loss as possible) 2x multiplier for my pentax k5?


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Cheap and sharp don't usually sit well with each other when it comes to teleconverters.

Why not look out for a Pentax Rear Converter K T6-2X - I have one here that cost me about 40. No electronics, so manual focus and manual stop down metering, but better quality than most of the cheap converters.

If you keep your eyes peeled one will turn up sooner or later.
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The IQ will also depend a lot on the lens being used.
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I'm quite sure Ozeck was a brand name used by Comet.
So all their stuff would be re-badged and available under other
names.... sometimes Clubman. I wouldn't expect the TC's to
be much good although they did a very good Super Ozeck 135mm
f/2.8 tele lens, also sold under the Ensinor brand.

The TC might be the same as the Ensinor one and that wasn't
much use either.

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Agree with Mike, I have The Pentax Rear Converter-A 2X-S which works well with lenses of the quality of the DA*300.
At the lower of end of things it works surprising well with, for example, my SMC-F zoom lenses.

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