Lost in translation !


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I'm just wondering how many languages this has been translated through, and which ones ?


"Shutter Go like a bat out of hell 8 - 1/2000 sec " is something I want, and I want it now!


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I like it where it states against a
Nikon D90 DX 12.3MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED AF-S VR DX Nikkor Zoom Lens

Product Details

Apprehension images to SD/SDHC honour cards (not included

and even better

Price: Too low to display

The English is truly wonderful

Fusing 12.3-megapixel impression blue blood inherited from the grant-conquering D300 with groundbreaking features, the D90s breathtaking, low-blasting guise distinction is further advanced with EXPEED essence processing. Split-second-best shutter retort and interminable shooting at up to 4.5 frames-per-advance demand the power to apprehend firm deed and unequivocal moments explicitly, while Nikons clannish Mise en scene Detection System contributes to faster 11-extent autofocus play, finer pure equiponderance detection and more. The D90 delivers the pilot contentious photographers demand,...........

Wonder what they would say about our Pentax stuff
let the education continue

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Mine must have "shutter go like rocket-assisted bat out of hell" then, goes up to 1/4000!

I like the T mount adapter that allows you to use "divers front camera attachments". I take it the rest of the camera is waterproof?

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I get that feeling "interminable shooting" Oh the drudge of yet another photograph.

"Nikons clannish Mise en scene" I always thought that if you have a Nikon you end up giving the image a certain "look".

I love it.

Lurking is shirking.!


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It makes my tabloid evening paper English so drab by comparison. Far East translations into English are hard enough to follow but when the words are rearranged by geeks we enter a wonderful new world of language possibilities.
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Oh, I think I'll be sick, laughing so hard. Just loved reading the site. Thank you Lloydy for posting the link. Suddenly this cold dismal day has started to lighten. Can't imagine what"fibre stuff the clergy" is though??


I gladly welcome C & C's. Being foggy minded they really help me learn.


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Here's what they said about the K-X


"Determine a camera that redefines the entrance-neck digital SLR section. The PENTAX K-x offers extraordinary-end features including Glowing Hope, HD video and lifelike doing that challenges higher division models. Since theres no charge that SLR cameras must meet up in one color, try the K-x in a alternative of deathly white or angry, as well as idiosyncratic, small copy red and argosy. With a one-handed shooting form that is hellishly consolidated, lightweight, and undemanding-to-use, the very affordable K-x is entire for users stepping up from a theme and execute digital camera to their first digital SLR. "

"Hellishly consolidated" - brilliant!
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Theme and execute = Point and shoot
let the education continue

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I have always wanted a camera with finer pure equiponderance detection......do you think pentax will bring one out?

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Must find me one of those unmarried lenses!


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aliengrove wrote:

That word perfectly describes the activity of flicking back and forth between Ebay and the Pentax Lens Review Database!


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Well I'm torn between the bat out of hell shutter or this feature from a Nikon review on another page;

"a 3-inch 920,000-dot color LCD cathode-ray tube screen,"

That must be one hell of a big camera
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In a similar vein, reminds me of a sign I saw in China.....

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"a 3-inch 920,000-dot color LCD cathode-ray tube screen," An LCD and CRT together,must be some kind of new imagining device. What's next, a plasma cine projector? These advances are mind boggling but just a thought, what kind of battery must be carried around to power the CRT?


I gladly welcome C & C's. Being foggy minded they really help me learn.


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We used to have a portable CRT TV years ago. It was black and white and about the size of a large shoebox with a screen that I would guess to have been about 6-7". Ran from 12V DC or its own weight in C size batteries!

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