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Lane shooting is a distant cousin of Street shooting with fewer actual people in it and more cows as a rule. In my defence this is easier to walk to from chez hefty1 and more pleasant on a sunny spring day.

The odd angle in the last one was as a result of her licking my jeans to see if I tasted of apples, behind me was another cow trying to sneak her tongue into my jacket pocket. As I'd just taken this photo my phone went off in said pocket, she jumped, I jumped, the cow in the picture jumped and a group of around ten cows who'd stood around watching me get mugged scattered like a bomb had gone off. They came back after a couple of minutes but none of them have tried to get in my pockets subsequently.

The above were all taken with the K10D and DA35 Macro. The one below with the K2 and 50/1.2:

The K2 one was taken a couple of weeks ago, but I'm waiting on more film to come back from the lab which has shots taken last week when the weather was brighter.

C&C welcome as usual.
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You may have started something here, hefty!
This space deliberately left blank.


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I really like #1 and #3. That 35 seems to be performing admirably.

Lane Shooting here refers to something quite different - the old lanes, houses and people, full of Old Shanghai ! Pentax. Pentax DA*300/4, Cosina 55/1.2, Lens Baby Composer Pro & Edge 80, AFA x1.7, Metz 50 af1.
Nikon. D800. D600. Sigma 500/4.5, Nikon 300/2.8 VRII, Sigma 120-300/2.8, Zeiss Distagon ZF2 21/2.8, Zeiss Distagon ZF2 35/2.0, Sigma 50/1.4, Nikkor 85/1.8, Nikon TC20EIII, Nikon TC14EII, Kenko x1.4, Sigma 2.0


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cardiff_gareth wrote:
You know there are laws against this sort of thing lol

We country dwellers plead ignorance...

I'm glad number 3 is popular as I've got several similar shots. That's the same cow in number 4 (on the right) - she follows me everywhere and has become my moo-se.

I'll get me coat.
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I like photos of cows All very nice, but the 4th
is just in front for me.
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