landscape lens suggestions please


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There was a 10-20mm Sigma on sale in the Marketplace, but I snapped it up I think it's a great landscape lens, but I've not used it yet so I'll report back when I have.
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womble wrote:

Personally, I love my S-M-C Tamumar 28mm f/3.5 and it is actually easier to use on a K10D than the K and M series lenses. Others have commented on the M 28mm f/3.5 as being pretty sharp too.

That'd be me

The K 28mm f3.5 must be a downright incredible lens, considering that it seems to be held in higher regard than the M version. I have the M and it tends to live on the camera for general photography - if I'm going out and only taking one lens it's that one. It has excellent depth of field and infinity comes up very quickly, as well as being very sharp and with next to no distortion. I use a stitching program named "Hugin" if I want to get the effect of a wider angle lens, with that and a manual lens it's an absolute doddle to get decent panoramic shots with the field of view of a fisheye lens but none of the distortion.

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