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Kamera Quandaries (Apologies for that title...read on if you can bear to!)
I took my K system, consisting mainly of a K5 and a DA12-24, a DA*16-50, a DA*50-135, a DA*60-250, and a DA*200, with me on a recent extended holiday abroad. (I am retired and can holiday abroad quite a lot, particularly in the low (cost) season.)
However advancing years is making it harder to manage with such a size and weight of gear, and airline restriction on weight & size of hand luggage don’t make it any easier.
I decided that in future it would be essential to cut down on what I took, and to restrict myself to a couple of lenses most likely to be needed- but how to decide which to leave behind when setting off on an extended holiday without a clear idea of the sort of photographic opportunities in wait?
The obvious answer was to reduce bulk and weight, so with considerable reluctance the DA*50-135 and DA*200 were shed (while I cheered myself up with the prospect of a nice new K3 to replace the K5ii) on the view that the DA12-24, DA*16-50 and DA*60-250 covered my full range.
However even a bag with DSLR plus 3 DA zooms, as I now reluctantly accept, is going to be excessive for my circumstances, and I am at the point of switching to a Q7 + lenses. The only alternative might be a K3 plus new DA18-135. The increased sensor size of the Q7, with more Q system lenses etc said to be in the pipe-line, make the small and light Q system very attractive, but so is the thought of a K3+ DA18-135 (or DA18-270)


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I think the 18-135 would be ideal on it's own unless you feel the need for a fast lens. If you do, get an MX-1 and take that for the ride. It has a similar focal range, wide aperture and I think it looks so cool in the faux leather case I bought mine. It also does great video and is capable of fully manual operation if you want to get creative. Brilliant travel kit

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I love my Q and took it on recent holidays to Rome and New York. Picure quality is fabulous. Body, 01 standard prime, optical finder, 02 zoom, 03 fisheye, hoods, remote control F, CPL, a couple of batteries and cards in a case 6 inches wide, 5 high and 4.5 deep. Pretty heavy though at 616 grammes for the lot.
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My work/travel kit is a Pentax Q10 with standard and fisheye lenses, Pentax MX-1 and an old Ricoh GR film camera, all wrapped up in a Think Tank Mirrorless Mover bag, Very light and easy to carry around all day.



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I'm inclined to agree with Steve, that would do it.

Yes, you could take a Q7 and lenses and that would do it as well. It depends on what you want and how you like to shoot your pictures, what type of pictures you do shoot and so on.

Your full kit is a bit much though for a holiday that includes lots of travel.

The other option is to think of the Limited primes, and so the choices magnify as we go.....
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gartmore wrote:
Pretty heavy though at 616 grammes for the lot.

Maybe just the job for my dodgy knees


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Duncan – great minds think alike – Look at previous threads ‘Q on Q’ and ‘Q7 with K Mount Adapter’
Might give more food for thought.
AND if Gartmore exhorts it’s value, it sure must be good



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There seems to be a plethora of options for your needs. Depending on the focal ranges that you need.

Option 1
The Q system as already mentioned. Small, light, cute and flexible. But due to small sensor the "creative" shallow DOF looks won't be there. Is that important or not?

Option 2.
18-135 (if you need Weather sealing) 18-270 if you don't, and include a 50mm F1.4 or F1.8 for Shallow DOF shots

Option 3
Keep the 50-135 or 60-250 and add some primes like 15, 21, 35 and a fast 50.

Option 4
Stick to primes. 15mm, 21mm, 35 F2.4, 50mm, 70mm and 100mm Macro. This will reduce the weight a lot but you will have to keep changing lenses. You could drop the 21 and 35 and replace with the 20-40 limited.

Option 5
16-50 and the HD55-300, and add a fast fifty. Again nice and light with a great focal range.

The choice is yours.
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Your answer my friend is MFT! Really that is my considered answer and I can back it up with experience, except that I now (currently) own two different systems...........

The IQ with the right lens is SO near APSC that you really wouldnt notice and even in poor light high ISO performance has increased leaps and bounds over the last few years




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Hi there

You have a lot of lovely kit that could liberate some serious cash for your rethink, can I suggest a "best of both" option

Buy a K-3 with the free 35mm f2.4 and 18-135 and a Q7 (or 10)with 5-15 plus a K mount adaptor.

That way you'd have a pocketable camera that could be used with the 18-135 for reach if needed (effective 270mm or near as) and the K-3 you yearn after when you can manage it.

If the sales go well I expect you could get a 15mm prime as well to complete the focal range and double as a portrait lens on the Q


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Hi Duncan

I am pleased that you decided to slim your kit down as it gave me the opportunity to buy your superb 50-135 lens!

I can't speak for you, but can only comment from my own perspective that I would sorely miss my DSLR's and would rather have a DSLR with a flexible zoom rather than a more restrictive body and a larger selection of smaller lenses. You don't mention whether your holidays are normally based in one location (hotel, cruise ship etc) or whether you travel around and stay in different locations during the same trip. If it is the former, there would be no need to take all your kit on each trip out, you could choose the appropriate kit for the day.

Hope you make the right decision for you, good luck with your choices!


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Went to Tunisia with K3 and 18-135 wr lens and 50-200wr only used the 18-135!



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The 18-135 is going to be flexible but if you can carry a little more why not pair your 16-50 with a 55-300?

To save a bit more weight you could switch to the Tamron 17-50/2.8 instead of the 16-50 as well.



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Last time I traveled I took just my K-5 (without the grip) & DA17-70, the lens was 'just about' wide enough, long enough & fast enough for my needs but next time I'd think about also taking a manual 135mm (which are quite small) if I need more reach - not that I'd always feel the need to carry it around during the day. An 18-135 might be the best option.

EDIT - An 18-135 isn't my ideal lens because I consider an f/4-5.6 'standard zoom' too slow and would prefer my DA17-70/4 & M135/3.5 instead (I wouldn't really miss the 70-134 range).

Next time I'm likely taking film - so the above doesn't work and I need to come up with something else!

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Have recently returned from a walking trip in Portugal where I only took primes (mostly old ones but a couple of new). The 40XS and 70/2.4 were used a lot, a 35/2M gave great results when I bothered to use it, a 20/4M was used less than I expected but gave lovely colours (blues to kill for) when I did, and a 135/3.5M coupled with Tamron 1.4x TC gave me some lightweight telephoto when I needed it.

Having learnt from this experience, next time I'd just take my Tamron 17-50/2.8, the 70/2.4, 135/3.5 and teleconvertor. I think that would cover most bases very well. If weather was an issue, the 18-135 would replace the Tamron and I'd stuff the 40XS in there as a bright normal-ish prime that's barely larger than a body cap.

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