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Link Posted 08/08/2014 - 01:57
Hello...I am having to replace my sd card for my k7 . I have noticed a firmware upgrade which accepts sdxc cards. but am baffled by the arrray of cards .
can anyone tell me which cards are use- able on my k7.




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It can get confusing, have a look HERE. Plenty to choose from, and I've used them before so I know its a good company.

You should do the firmware update, they can add support for various things, but they always help keep the camera nice and fresh so to speak.


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cheers maybe i should have said what is the fastest card i can use on the k7, after a firmware upgrade?


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After the upgrade you can use any card on the market. The k7 will buffer the images before writing to the card..
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You will probably find that the write speed is determined by the camera and the fastest cards wont work at their full potential except when downloading.
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Gartmore do you know where i can find the li formation on write speed ? Regards


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Unless you're using the camera in continuous shooting mode you won't get much if any advantage from fast(er) SD cards.

As said already, the camera memory will buffer the shots and will become the bottle-neck in that if fills quicker than the card can write.

Tell us exactly why you feel you need another(faster)card for your K7 please.

As to information on write speed of cards, it is included in each cards specs.

As far as the camera is concerned, it'll be in the manual, but I'd look for input from K7 shooters here and in other forums, and/or old reviews of the K7 to get an idea of what all this talk about card and camera 'speed' means in practice.
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As a K7 owner the card speed in the camera is of little relevance. The faster cards cost more money. The average 30mb/sec class 10 card. Will in Jpeg mode shoot until the card fills up. So no worries about anything. But If your shooting raw. After approx. 6 frames the camera buffer fills up and wont take anymore shots until that buffer has emptied. In my experience faster cards have made little difference to these facts. So spending money on faster cards is a bit of a waste. Though once taken out of the camera and used in a usb3 reader. The faster cards perform better. Though the difference for me is negligible compared to the extra cost. Though in my opinion all SD cards these days are relatively cheap..
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Now with USB 3.0 being on all new PC's it's better to buy only
the fastest cards for downloading to the PC. Some are quite
fast but trail well behind Flash Drives.

Anyone with a PC without USB 3.0 can get a PCI-E card for about
£10 which will give them the faster downloads.

I timed a 16gb Sandisk Extreme Flash Drive (cost £11) the other
day copying 500GB of DNG files to RamDisk and it took under
4 seconds....... 150 MB/s (Sandisk claim 200) ..... Wow!!!

Any new cards I buy now need to be at least 70 - 95 MB/s
jobbies. I don't need it for shooting but don't want
to be WAITING ALL MINUTE while it downloads

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Yes on my k7 the faster cards made little difference except for download. But on my k30 the stupidly fast card doubles raw frame rate after buffer is full, clears buffer faster and generally feels much more responsive so for me is very worthwhile.


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FYI, you will probably need your old card to do the upgrade of the firmware.

If the camera does not support SDXC at this stage, it will more than likely not be able to read SDXC to do the upgrade.
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