K50 failed after CA fix


Link Posted 18/03/2017 - 15:42
Yes, the dreaded black image is back after I sent it out for repair to a guy in CA. He gives a year warranty but now I'm thinking is it really worth more postage?

It was repaired in Dec., and worked fine.

My wife doesn't use the camera too often. I went to try it, and I got the dreaded black image at wide open aperture. After a few shots, it worked okay. I turned it off, and tried again after a minute or so, okay. Went back after 10 minutes, and it failed the first time, then okay.

I contacted the CA repairer just a minute ago, and I'll post after hearing from him. I'm sort of reluctant at throwing more money for postage.

I think I'm ready to take a hammer to it.
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