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Link Posted 11/03/2012 - 14:16
Took delivery of a new K5 this week. I was changing lenses (both Pentax) and as I fitted the second lens there was a loud continuous mechanical 'whirring' sound. The camera locked up. I couldn't stop the noise even by turning the camera off. The noise eventually and gradually reduced bit by bit until I could hear nothing. But there was no way to get the camera working. It was completely dead. As a last resort I removed the battery, reinserted and everything's been fine since.

Whatever was making the noise (autofocus? Shake control? dust removal?) was obviously working well beyond whatever it was specced to do (the noise was loud, believe me). I am now worried about whether some permanant damage has been done.

Anyone any ideas?


Link Posted 11/03/2012 - 15:19
It sounds like you've shorted some contacts as you've put the other lens on thats started the autofocus motor running, it's always much better to switch the camera OFF before swaping a Lens.

If the camera's been working fine since, I don't think any damage been done, see how you go for a week or so and if it's still OK, forget about the incident.


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What Chris said about changing lenses. Always always always always always always turn the camera OFF before doing it.
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Hi guys,

Can't say whether I'd left the camera on or not. I must say I don't think I am in the habit of checking one way or another so that could have been the problem. Never had an issue with any other Pentax film/digital SLRs but maybe I've just been lucky. Good news is that camera has had an extensive week in the Arctic Circle including photos of the northern lights. So looks like no damage done. But it was a most 'worrying noise'.

Richard Briggs
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