K20D poor low light


Link Posted 06/04/2010 - 23:26
Quite often hear how my K20 is " no good" in low light;
this was taken at iso 800 in very dim conditions;

Do not think it`s to "poor"
C&C welcome.

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Very acceptable image.



Link Posted 07/04/2010 - 09:12
Looks pretty fine to me considering the gloomy conditions and no lighting, plenty of detail in the blacks! Where is the light coming from, looks like there's something very low-down behind you?

I don't know if a different Metering Mode (just picking the horse) might have helped a little, but the only thing that's bad exposure-wise is the window in the background, which you can't do much about unless you enjoy messing-about with PP - although a zealous crop is an option - which would also hide the shadow of your body at the bottom... as would standing further back, but then you wouldn't get the distortion effect from the 12mm! errr..Tripod and remote?
Still shooting in the dark (literally and metaphorically)...


Link Posted 07/04/2010 - 10:45
Is ISO 800 low light shooting any longer?

When you consider other brands (and the K-x) can quite happily get useable photos at ISO 3200 I don't think it is.

Even the K10D can do ISO 1600 if exposure is good.

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Yeah the K20d & GX20 are rubbish at low light aren't they

Here is Patti Smith walking towards with just 4 lights upon the stage, 2 you can see in the background.

Lens f50mm f/1.4 at f/2.8
Shutter 1/60

A little sharpening but no noise reduction
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