K100 D Bttery level indicator


Link Posted 14/11/2012 - 15:06
My camera battery indicator is recording different amounts of levels from full charge to no charge. Today while using the camera there was no life in the battery according to the reading on the camera yet after turning the camera of and on a few times the battery level was showing half and then full charge. Can ayone suggest how I may regulate things ?.



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Any one ?.


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Philstaff , I have a K100d. Are your batteries in good nick , What type are you using, is the battery compartment door closing properly, are the contacts in the K100d clean ? the only odd thing I have noticed about my indicator is when I am moving photos from the Camera to the Laptop the battery level always says half power and as soon as the photos are transfered the level goes back up to full charge . I hope this helps ...jeff... nice dog by the way... ..


Link Posted 16/11/2012 - 10:13
The Batteries I use are hama 2700 had them a while to be honest. However when the camera showed no battery life after charging all the batteries. I put the batteries into my flash and it fired up no problem. I have just recharged all the four batteries and now the camera indicator showes a full charge.I will take the camera out and see how it goes over the weekend. Thank you for the feed back.

Regards Ian


Link Posted 16/11/2012 - 13:53
I have never had a device that is so fussy about AA's as my K100D. I think it all started a few years back after using lithium AA's for a bit. The battery meter then showed no charge on my freshly charged AA's nimh's... that time I eventually got it working fine again by using some fresh alkaline AA's until they expired and then went back to my nimh AA's. I guess you could try that? These days it's getting fussy again, at one stage only working on eneloop AA's, I bought a more intelligent AA charger (accucell 700 bc) and it will now work with other older batteries, but it can still have it's moments, where it says battery depleted after a few shots so I then turn off wait for 15 seconds back on and hey presto full batteries.... It can then work for hundreds of shots....
Also sometimes cleaning the battery contacts on the battery, in the camera and on the charger with a pencil rubber can work.... as well as dancing round a fire half naked with white war paint on the 2nd tuesday of the month....
Now these same batteries are powering my new K-r for well over 600 shots a charge so I'm about as certain as I can be that it's the K100D, also looking on ebay a few months back there seemed to be an unusual amount of K100D's for sale with battery problems...
I think it may be worth you getting some sanyo eneloops as these seem to be the batteries most likely to work in the K100D (or the disposable lithium AA's which I've never had a problem with and think I get over 1000 shots on each set). Good luck
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Thanks Walt for the feed back.
Regards Ian


Link Posted 14/02/2014 - 18:04
I have 2 K100D cameras. One works without a problem - using Eneloop batteries. The other has suffered battery drain within 1 - 2 days even when not used. I tried everything from 'matched' Eneloop batteries to CR-V3's.

Then one day I realised that the Shake Reduction was always on. I switched it off and loaded with Eneloop batteries. After 3 days use the battery display shows full charge.

There were a couple of instances that the battery display showed 50% charge, but after a shot was taken it reverted to 100%.

It may be a coincidence relating to the batteries but over the next week or so I shall recharge this set of batteries, reload them and switch on SR - and leave on.

I am determined to get this K100D to work as well as the other.

If the problem returns I shall switch off SR and see if fix returns.

Last option is a couple of rechargeable CR-V3's which I have in stock.

Pentax should really look after their loyal customers better.
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