K-7 Vs D90 Vs 550D


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Not for the squeamish.

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How can they say the K-7 has no ISO 100 ?
Rediculous! - wonder how objective the rest of the comparison was then?


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I don't own a k7 but I would think the k7 has a 100 iso???

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Taken from here.
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But read the comments!


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Didn't DSLR User do a similar comparison with a similar set of cameras, and awarded the K-7 first place? That said, it does look like a fairly systematic review. Good AWB performance on the K-7, if that's any consolation!

I've noticed that 'real world' reviews by people who have actually used the K-7 for a length of time are usually much more positive - 'the DSLR i've been waiting for' etc.


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One of the crappiest reviews I've ever seen. and that's without the ridiculous claim that the K-7 has no ISO100 setting.

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Interesting that Alphamountworld lets users review other makes of camera! Unlike some places...


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Cameralucida wrote:
How can they say the K-7 has no ISO 100 ?
Rediculous! - wonder how objective the rest of the comparison was then?

I think "competent" could be used as well as "objective".

Love the comments below the article.
Might sign up myself.


Pete has posted a mealy response citing some bias from new users towards Pentax!!!!!! Not bias, just knowledge.


I thought looooong and hard before investing in the K-7, and I thought about the D90 and 550D (and 50D). Anyway almost all the reviews I could find that compared the three or K-7 vs either of the others, the K-7 was up there. No review had either of the others an outright winner. Of course there were areas where each outshines the competition but not to the extent of putting the K-7 right down.

Add in the existing K mount lenses I had and the WR of the K-7 and I could not afford not to go K-7. There was no compelling reason to jump ship.

That review is contra most other info I could find.
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Its been pulled! Whilst Pete reads the K-7 manual.

From their banner ad the following crop.

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Yes sorry about that review guys. It was done by a freelance contributor and wasn't checked thoroughly by the team when they put it up as we assumed the freelancer was accurate in his test procedure. It was deeply flawed and will be redone in due course.
Rest assured ePHOTOzine has no bias and it's always been our intention that the best camera wins.


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the best one was the noise reduction part. It clearly showed that the K7 image had much more noise, than the one from 550D, so I took a look at exif data of the photos, as K7 produced a very underexposed photo. Both images presented the same scene, with cameras and lens set to ISO 3200 and f/16, but canon's image had the shutter speed of 1/800 s and K7's had a 1/2000 s, and exposure metering was set differently too...

Well, who on earth would think that underexposing a shot at ISO 3200 could cause some noise?!?

edit: It was very correct from ePHOZOzine indeed that they pulled the article.
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Well done for pulling the article and for responding here. At least you got a flurry of new Pentax using members.
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