K-5 problems with Vista reading SD card?


Link Posted 16/03/2012 - 20:57
Hi All,

I've been out shooting today (PEF+JPEG) and had problems with my Vista laptop reading the last half of the images from the SD card (files copied but weren't openable). Pentax Camera Utility 4 also wouldn't read them (and had random images from other folders present in the browser section).

Curiously the image numbered 300 was fine, all the later ones weren't.

The laptop was able to open/copy the files when connected by USB, so I'm assuming it was a problem with the PC side of things (1Gb RAM and not much space on the discs). Total is approx. 300 files and 3Gb of data.

Has anybody seen this before?

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Link Posted 16/03/2012 - 22:31
If you are getting grey rectangles instead of jpegs, you might have a problem on the card. Try running a program such as ZERO ASSUMPTION FILE RECOVERY (it is a free program) with your card to see if there's any improvement.


Link Posted 17/03/2012 - 14:06
Thanks Steven,

NOW FIXED - It wasn't the card, but my old laptop's built in SD card reader not being SDHC compatible. A quick trip to my local photo shop sorted the problem and I now have a USB SDHC card reader.

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