K-1 owners: Have you gotten rid of your APS-C equipment?


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I'm interested in hearing other opinions on this topic since I've shifted mine in the past couple of months.

Backstory: I've owned a K-3 for close to two years and this was my main camera. I used it as a hobbyist and it got decent use at 17000 clicks. I recently bought a K-1 and decided to keep the K-3 as a backup. I kept some cool APS-C lenses to use with it (DA15, DA*50-135) thinking that I'd keep on using it.

I've just not used the K-3 for ages now and have got to the point of selling it off along with those cool lenses. I really didn't think I'd even think about it but it's happening!

How many of you were also in a similar position? I was surprised at how quickly I changed my mind but I'm aware that some of you made the switch very quickly too.

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I have a recently acquired K1 and a K3. Will definitely keep the K3- apart from my crop-specific lenses, the K3 has a much bigger buffer which is very useful when shooting run pasts on railways. The K1 has not been the quantum leap in high ISO performance that I was (perhaps naively) expecting. It does have some nice ergonomic touches though (third dial, better implementation of focus point selection) and is a step up in resolution. I have a pretty useful kit for everyday use- K3, DA16-85wr, DA*60-250 DA50f1.8 FA35 f2. I have so far used my K1 mostly at night and on photo shoots where speed is not of the essence. K1 + 28-105 plus Tamron 70-200f2.8 seems a good basic it at the moment.
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I have a K-1, K3II and K5IIs and have decided to sell the K5IIs. I do a bit of band and gig photography and having two cameras makes life easier when wanting to swap lenses.

I'll sell the K3-II if a K1-II or something else comes along
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Stephen makes a good point about the higher FPS of the K-3. To be honest though, I have only ever used that feature once (snapping my brother's RC car kicking up dust). It was one of the reasons I kept the K-3 around but it just won't get used.

Having said that, I'll probably need the speed right after I've sold the K-3
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I've got a nice selection of APS-C lenses, so in fact have bought a K-3 II after buying the K-1. There are different applications for the two formats and it would be a shame to sell all those nice lenses for peanuts.

The K5 bodies are on the for sale list, one has gone already, because they won't keep well if unused.
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There are times when the K5iis plus DA's 15, 40, 70 plus the DFA 100 (and a 1.4x converter) in a Think Tank Retrospective 10 is such a compact, lightweight kit that is far more suitable than the K1 with an equivalent set of lenses (IMO)


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Very interesting thread as I've been considering a K-3 myself. A very good point about the two sensor sizes being suitable for different tasks.

Mentally I've seen the K-3 as top of the APS-C range, but am forgetting that it was released in 2013 and the K-3II refresh model has come out since, and that even that was mid 2015 so 2 years old now. Getting a low shutter count K-3 is not easy.

Must be about time for a new K-3 level replacement really. We've had the K-70 for the K-30/50 model range, and one of the side line models in the KP plus the earlier K-S2 as well. Can't believe it but even the K-1 is a year old now.
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When I bought my K1 I stopped using the K5II. I enjoyed playing with my new toy and I particularly enjoyed the dual card slots (I use one for RAW the other for JPEG). I was perfectly happy with the IQ on the K5II but when SRS were clearing out the last of the K3s for a nice low price it seemed too good an offer to pass up and I traded my K5II for a K3, which has dual card slots of course. Now I find that I use my K3 as much as I use the K1, depending on what I'm planning to shoot. If the occasion demands and I don't have to lug the kit very far I take both. I find that APSC is easier to use for group shots; it is all too easy to get caught out by insufficient DoF to get everyone in focus when using FF. Just a matter of getting used to the difference and getting the settings right to suit of course but it takes a bit of getting used to.
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I'm seeing many reasons to stick with APS-C here

I was considering getting a K-S2 for myself instead of the K-3. I'd save a bit of money by downgrading and still have most of the features (and convenience). I really don't want to sell the DA15 but I don't see myself using it. Would it be worth keeping for the sake of 'crop mode'?
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I guess as a retired person on limited income i've bucked the trend again.

I've acquired on of the last of the 699 K3 II's from SRS this week to go with my 55 - 300 PLM lens (249) which has proved excellent in use and much better for travel than my 300 star F4. In my bag i now have this and a 12 - 24 F4 DA bought on here (as new) for half the current retail and a tiny 40mm XS F2.8 pancake my son kindly passed on.

All this so much more affordable than the K1 (1999 now!)and its associated lenses which are clearly too big, heavy and too pricey for my needs. I get it if you are well to do or make money from photography.

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Couldn't get any interest in my K-5 so I now have a 1, 3 and 5. I will keep using the APS-C cameras - they are much more compact and lighter.
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I had the Silver K3 and sold that to get the K1. My son switched from the Black K3 to a Black KP recently as he wanted a flip screen.

I have FF lenses from film days as well as a few lenses for APS-C; 18-135, 16-50 and Sigma 10-20/3.5.
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I started with a K7, Upgrading to K5 then K3 very shortly after these models came out. But even though 95% of my photography is landscape, I've not succumbed to the K1 yet (or even the K3ii). My key kit is now K3, 15mm, 20-40mm and 50-135mm with Lee Seven5 filter kit. Excellent image quality and easily luggable up mountains etc. Equivalent for the K1 would be heavy heavy heavy and increasingly pricey. I know the IQ of the K1 is phenomenal, but at the moment I'm satisfied with my setup and can increasingly use my photo funds for trips not kit

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I still have my K-3 bodies, but despite my best intentions, they haven't seen any use since the K-1 arrived.
I prefer the larger viewfinder and field of view with my lenses on the FF body. I'm shooting more portraits and weddings/events lately, which the FF body is more suited to. Much to my surprise i've even stuck with K-1 for nature shots.

Time to sell the K-3s I think.
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