isolated suspension


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So should I have cropped closer? Maybe removed the leaf at the lower right?

The textures come and go, or do they?

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Good rich colour and effetive use of focus. The main problem is the petals at the top which are a distraction. Perhaps they could be cloned out.
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Yes - for me they do come and go with the focus. There's only texture to the extent that the subject is in focus.

Your title says it - the isolation needs to be effective, thus the periphery needs to act to complete that isolation.


Link Posted 02/07/2010 - 12:58
I find one of THE quickest isolation methods around is this:
* Add a new layer in Photoshop
* Change the layer blend mode to "Color"
* Now select the green colour around and paint over the troublesome red petals... they'll go green

I have even found that painting all one colour (or a tight region of colours) across the whole background can drastically simplify the image in no time

Did it on this image - the edges of the petals were just going off, so I recoloured and brought it back to life. Also toned down some of the LHS by recolouring. Same here (that has a before & after too!)

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