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I just had a IR filter from Cokin this weekend. I was very keen to try it out with my new P-system.

I mounted it on the Da* 50-135 and snapped away. All pictures were black....very littel visable on the screen....hmm....went on the internet to surf. Found a few places to read - but didn't find anything that included the k10D.

What seems to be the problem was the meetering. When I tried to use Av mode - the shutterspeed was 0,3 to 1/10 #f4-f8, iso 100.

I know I needed a much slower shutterspeed to get some results. So I switched to Bulb - And had exposures at 13 seconds or so - that helped - but still didn't got great results.

I was wondering if anyone around here have tried these IR filters and have experience?? Why is Av mode not working correctly?? Ideas?

(I might have used it at a to long focal lenght. I was just playing around.)

Daniel Bridge

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I believe the IR filter on the sensor is much stronger on the K10D than it was on the *ist series/K100D, so it blocks much more of the IR spectrum. Hence the very long shutter speeds, and the inaccuracy of Av mode - the camera doesn't know you're trying to shoot IR shots, it just thinks it's dark.

I suppose potentially, the metering sees more of the IR than the sensor does too, so that may make it underexpose.


P.S. Focal length shouldn't make any difference, although focusing might be more difficult at longer lengths.
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Thanks Dan. I guess you are right.

I have doen some google searching on the issue. It seems that the K10D is not the ideal camera for IR, but the Ist and K100D seems a lot better.

I have seen a lot of shots now with the K10D. All done with 15+ seconds. Very creative - and stunning when including water. Now I just have to be creative or ebay the filter


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Or pick up an *Ist D (or Ds)cheap
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George Lazarette

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Gwyn wrote:
Or pick up an *Ist D (or Ds)cheap

Easier said than done. The *ist D has held its value very well over the last year.

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Stick the K10D on a tripod, focus, slip in the filter, and guess.
Id go for F/8 (sharp ) and then experiment, 30seconds, 1min, 3min, 8min.
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