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AuraTodd wrote:
How do I do it from Photobucket please?

See the third thread down in the Your Photos section.
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I would like to start uploading pictures to the gallery and competitions, can you tell me what size they have to be for doing this please. Also I notice that when I re size my pictures the Exif disappears is there a way round this at all or do I have to type that in manually in the comments box.

Many thanks

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1000 pixels wide on the longest side, sRGB, 72ppi, up to 400K file size for the Gallery and Competitions. 800 pixels is optimum for the forum.

EXIF will be stripped out if the size is too big, so keeping it trim is a great idea.
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I don't think I've ever posted an image on the forum so here we go a testing. Thanks for the advice and the excuse.
Eddy on the beach

Regards David


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Hi Eddy at the Beach was 2.9mb and uploaded within a couple of minutes so its pretty quick. Here's another of Eddy and Dad which at 0.9mb took only a couple of seconds.
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Thought it was about time I tried

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Some zooms


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Just joining the fun!
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Just testing !
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Hullman wrote:

Just testing !

Errr, it failed!
John K


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Is there any size specifications to take into consideration while posting?
Auto Add Date Timestamp


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Please see info further up the thread, but these days I tend to use 1500 pixels wide for the Gallery and still use 1000 pixels wide for the forums.
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Thought I'd give the new system a try with a photo stored on my Android tablet. It must have taken half an hour to find the bloody thing in the labyrinthine file structure. (Note to self: stick to my steam-powered PC in future.) Anyhow, it seems to have worked, so full marks for the new set-up.


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2012 isn't exactly new. This was a thread resurrected by means of spam!
John K


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Time certainly flies!


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Aero wrote:
Time certainly flies!

Time flies like an arrow.
Fruit flies like a banana.

(with apologies to G.Marx)...
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