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Thought I would share this with other members.
I sent a DA*55 off to Johnsonís for repair in late June of this year and Johnsonís informed me that they would have to send the lens to France for repair. Well the days and weeks rolled on and despite contacting them to find out the status of the repair and being informed that they would phone me back they never did. After writing and requesting contact details of Pentax France, I have finally been informed that my lens has been returned. However, when I informed Johnsonís that I was a Pentax Plus member thinking I would get a discount, I was informed that I had to do this from the start? So despite the lens taking 5 months to be repaired and a complete lack of customer service, I am left feeling left high and dry. Pentax make some great products, but so do their competition, so this experience has really made me question my loyalty to Pentax as a brand if their official UK repair service are providing this level of customer service. I also emailed Pentax UK about the above, but as of yet, two weeks, have heard nothing.

So if you if you are a Pentax Plus member, make sure you state this from the outset, otherwise your membership will be a waste of time.


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Was this for a warranty repair ? Seems an awful long time. I understand why you feel disgruntled.
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Hi Stuart
It was for a repair, the lens was past its warranty. I have been using Pentax for the last 6 years and have spent a fair amount on their products. I am currently waiting to see what 2015 will bring in terms of the full frame and the new telephoto lenses, but when i have experiences like the one above, and the lack of third party support for Pentax, I am beginning to question my loyalties.


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I can sympathise I do hope this is an exception to the rule but I fear it may be not be. These days many big multi national and national companies seem to be more interested in profit and don't value customer loyalty. I suggest you write registered post to the highest person at Pentax you can find an address for. You might get joy but if like Fuji who passed my letter down to the very department I had the grievance with, then I suggest you find a soft wall before hitting your head against it. I deemed after my experience with Fuji I would never buy anything of theirs again so I moved to Pentax.
Fuji had my camera in for a known concern which they agreed to do under warranty. The camera spent weeks back and forth five or six times only to come back with faults it didn't originally have. Finally they admitted they couldn't repair it. New units were unavailable so they replaced it with a factory demo unit, this was after I even offered to pay to upgrade but they wouldn't agree to that. The replacement they sent looked much the worse for wear, but at least it worked OK. That's why I swapped to Pentax as I heard their service was better, maybe you will get some joy, please let us know as 5 months for a repair is atrocious let alone the no discount issue.
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Have to say that having used Johnsons a few times over the years, I have found the work they carry out to be fine but their customer service always lacking - especially regarding delays and basically not having the good manners (or business sense) to keep you informed. I have had to chase for replies every time I have used them - even when only asking for a quote!

You have my sympathy but I suspect you have as much chance of poor service in these situations whatever brand of equipment you own.

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The 20% discount form should go with the equipment, and you can download it here: https://www.pentaxuser.com/static_files/PUservice.pdf

Hope that helps in the future at least. For now, we'll be interested as to how your complaint gets on.
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Don't think other brands are better. I had to return a new refurbished 85mm 1.8 three times for faulty af on two different bodies I owned. They couldn't replicate the fault which was af not working at all.

I was without the lens for around 9 weeks before they ended up replacing all the af system which solved the problem and this was pro level service.
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Its down to the luck of the draw. I have had only one issue with Pentax service link and ended up buying two lenses as the original was not repairable.

The main issue is the time without the kit. Unless you have backup kit available your out of action.

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Update! Finally managed to get £70 knocked off of the repair bill.


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They really need to improve customer service, although the product is great, I have to fight their customer service phone call three days before it was answered
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If it can make you feel better, service is no better here in Canada.

It took Pentax three months to repair my DA*50-135. Unfortunately, Pentax Canada is a subsidiary of Pentax America (Ricoh), and they have to order parts from the USA, and the USA orders them from Japan. It took six weeks just to get the parts.

As you likely understand, Pentax USA doesn't give a fart about Canada. If they receive the parts, and an American customer needs them, well it's tough luck. They'll fix the American gear, and you wait for the other set of parts to get shipped from Japan.

At least, that's what I was told by the technician who fixed my lens. I was lucky enough (really, really lucky) to catch him on a Saturday morning while he was working on my lens, and that's what he told me about the delays.
Yves (another one of those crazy Canucks)


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pentaxian450 wrote:

As you likely understand, Pentax USA doesn't give a fart about Canada. If they receive the parts, and an American customer needs them, well it's tough luck. They'll fix the American gear, and you wait for the other set of parts to get shipped from Japan.

I think the least you can do is get rid of that Yankees ball-cap and get a Canadiens one!


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Presumably this is why Pentax remains a semi pro brand at best. I think i'm right that Pro service (for other makes)is usually 3 days turn around or a loan. If Ricoh are serious they have a bit to do. Is it right that all siupply operations for UK are now a warehouse etc in France?


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wvbarnes wrote:
Is it right that all siupply operations for UK are now a warehouse etc in France?

Could have been China, where so much other technology is made - shameful state of affairs in the UK.


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There is a large modern warehouse with RICOH in large letters across it, sited between Redhill and Merstham (in Surrey).
Wonder what they keep in there?

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