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I'm a new owner of a Pentax Kr and also new to photography. i got the Kr after much debating and thought as it seems the best for what i want. all i need to do now is to learn how to use it with out all the easy functions !! So i'm here to have fun and learn how to take a great picture. Many thanks for letting me in Sam


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Welcome to the Forum Sam
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Hi Sam and welcome to the forums, hope your photographic journey is a happy one.
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Welcome Sam, Kr is a great choice - enjoy!

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snappychappy wrote:
Hi Sam and welcome to the forums, hope your photographic journey is a happy one.

Don't be silly Stephen, no ones photographic journey is a happy one, we all have to make the mistakes and get ready to throw the towel in

Welcome to the forum Sam, photography is one big learning curve (a 360 one) get some pics taken and get them posted here for some constructive C&C, we'll have you snapping like a pro in no time.
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Hello and welcome to the forum
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Thanks for the welcome all ...


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Welcome Sam, hope you enjoy your K-x and also the forum and gallery on this site. As I'm sure you've already realised, there's a lot of helpful advice and comment available on here so don't be afraid of uploading some pics and posting some forum topics.


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Congratulations Sam. The K-r is a fantastic camera.

I should know I have one.

I am still learning all the functions

Regards Jeff
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Hi Sam.

Take care.
Chris R.

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