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Hope someone can advise me. My wife bought me a Pentax MZ6 film camera a couple of years ago. Unfortunately i never really got the photography bug. It has a Pentax 28-80 lens and a Tamron 70-300mm 1:4-5.6LD with tele macro{1:2}, i am so much of a novice i don't even know if that is the right info. I think i have put at most 4 films through the camera so all is in perfect condition. Basically i came across them the other day and decided to move them on but i don't know if they are worth moving on or how much i should ask for them.

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Link Posted 16/02/2010 - 23:03
At current eBay prices I'd say around 40 for the MZ6 body, 10-20 for the 28-80 lens and 70-90 for the Tamron. Less if you sell them together (say around 90-100) as different people will likely want different parts. That's based on them being in good order obviously.

You'll lose about 15% of that figure on eBay in fees so if you want to sell them in the classifieds here you need to take that into account (35 for the body, 10 for the 28-80 and 65 for the Tamron should see them shift). People will want photos of them either way though - buying "blind" will probably halve their values or worse.

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Thank-you that is very helpfull.


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