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Yes I liked Alice Cooper.
I had an old Spotmatic for many years. And am looking for a DSLR so a Pentax
seems to obvious choice.
The camera I have been looking at mostly is the K-5.
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An excellent camera, you won't be disappointed in it - especially if you can get a Mk ii or Mk iis.

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Another vote for the k5iis great camera
k5iis sigma 10-20 3,5 hsm pentax da 16-45 f4 tamron 17-50 2.8 pentax 17-70 f4 sigma 18-125 hsm pentax sigma 50-200 hsm os
sigma 50-500 apo dg os kenko 1.5 pz af 1.5 tele tamron pz af 2.0 tele and a flash
pentax *ist film camera


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The K5iis is a great camera,
there is one for sale on here.


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K5 is a lovely camera but if you can afford it a K3-ii is even better. Since you had a Spotmatic you know all about M42 lenses. They're cheap as chips now and they marry up perfectly with a K5 but do spend a few bob on a Genuine adapter for them (some of the cheapos get stuck in the camera !).
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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Totally agree with Dorset_Mike Mk II or Mk IIs would make it looks really awesome
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