Hello from Norfolk UK.


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Hi to all.
Just joined and have just purchased a K3. Looks and feels great. Yet to try it as have to wait for Xmas day. Back in the box now
North Norfolk.

K3 with 18 -135mm. ED AL (IF) DC WR


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Welcome to another Norfolkonian.

Slightly jealous as I will have to wait a few more months before I can get a K3 but I shan't hold it against you
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Welcome, I'm sure that you will enjoy it. The 18-135 practically lives on my K5IIs, and is my "go to" walk around lens.

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Hi and Welcome to the Forum. I also have a K3 for Xmas, but as it was not a surprise, I argued I should be able to test it thoroughly
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Welcome to the forum, I'm having a MX-1 for Christmas it's tucked away under the tree! I was not allowed to try it out to make sure it was OK no mater what reason I gave

I'll have to wait till next summer before I can get a K3 so I'll be watching to see what images you all post

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Hello and Welcome to the Forum!

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Hello and Welcome
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Thanks for the welcome.
Ralph, think of the saving you will make on the price as I'm sure the price will fall in the new year. I'll look out for you on the Norfolk Coast.

Barrie, I have had a look at my K3 but have had to put it away until XMas day. The wife wants to wrap it and put it under the tree

co I hope you enjoy the MX-1.

Come the new year I will be looking for a longer lens as I want to do some more wild life work. Not sure what to get yet but a min of 300 mm I think. I do have an old 400mm Sigma tele in the loft but is an old MD mount so that may not be any good although I can get an adapter for it.

Have a Great Christmas all.
North Norfolk.

K3 with 18 -135mm. ED AL (IF) DC WR


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Hi I've just found this group and thought it best to introduce myself

I've been using Pentax equipment for the last 20 years having started from film with a P30n and a sfxn cameras which were great and I've now finally taken the plunge to digital media having got myself a the Kr twin lens kit im not finding it as intuitive to use but im sure in time I'll get the hang of it My initial thoughts were that its got so many settings and features to check and use that it detracts from the process of taking photos, perhaps im just a bit if a luddite and old school in this respect but the lack o f film availability and processing has finally made me take a step into the digital world


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Hi there romi welcome to the site.

Also welcome to Peter from another Pentax user in NW Norfolk.
Hope to see you about at sometime on the coast. I sometimes get to Titchwell RSPB.



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Welcome, PJN, from somewhere just a little way south of Norfolk (missus and I had a very nice short break in Norwich last month). Only 2 days to wait until you can get your K3 out of the box!

romi: also welcome to the forum. I too began "Pentaxing" with a 35mm Spotmatic half a lifetime ago. It is quite a big step moving from film to digital, but when I went to SRS to look at and then buy my K-x, the chap in the shop pointed out that one need not use any of the thousand available options: one could always set it to "Auto" and just go out and take pictures. I am sure that you will enjoy doing what I did: begin with a simple Av setting and then explore the options one by one to see which ones are useful to your interests and needs. Just file the others at the back of your memory in case you later come across a situation where some very unusual setting is actually needed!

The huge advantage of digital is the almost cost-free ability to experiment over and over again. One had to be willing to spend a lot on film (and waiting time for the processing) to do much experimenting in 35mm.

Merry Christmas to you all.

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Hi Martin,

Glad you both enjoyed our historic city. There are so many great places in Norfolk to visit and I can't wait to get my hands on the K3. my last DSLR was an aging canon 20D which I still have but wanted an upgrade. The problem now with Canon is they have gone all plastic and an extra 400 for the full frame with the lens was just a 1 to far !!!! When I tried the K3 it felt right and just made me want that one.

Welcome to Romi as well. I'm new here too and hope to be a long time member.

Happy Christmas to one and all
North Norfolk.

K3 with 18 -135mm. ED AL (IF) DC WR


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Always good to welcome new members and especially any from the bulgy bit sticking out into the north Sea.
Enjoy life
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