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Hi all,

Thought it about time that I introduced myself. I'm Richard and, along with my wife Fleur, we enjoy photography and use Pentax cameras. Until recently this consisted of just a K100D, but I now have a shiny K-30 in my hands, courtesy of help from this forum Like many we 'found' Pentax cameras from 'back in the film days' and carried this through into the digital era.

Oh, and yeah, we live in New Zealand. We're both New Zealanders, though I have a British Passport via my father, who is from South East London originally. Now we live in Palmerston North, which is towards the lower end of New Zealand's North Island. Jeremy Clarkson just made reference to it, and in much nicer terms than John Cleese did.

Subject matter is often our two little girls, but landscapes/nature shots tend to be the main interests. Lately the country has been in a rather sustained bit of dry weather. It's the most consistent summer that anyone can remember, but it has gone on a bit too long now
This image shows how we compare to the same time last year!

Anyhow, I'm happy to share some of the scenery from 'down here' and appreciate the info you have given me already. Thanks!

Richard Jackson.
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Hello and Welcome
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Hello and welcome to the forum from Sheffield!

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Hello Richard, and welcome to the forum from east Suffolk. My wife is from Lower Hutt and brother in law lives near Wellington.
Family were early settlers.
I know your area well, and NZ is a great country for photographers, not to mention Rugby and Cricket.
PM me for a chat. Peter


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Hi Peter,
Yes, Lower Hutt and Wellington are all within 2 hours drive from where I live. You probably know that already though.

We actually got a bit of rain this morning, but unfortunately it's gone now and wasn't any more than a quick drizzle.

Yes, we have a lot of different sceneries all within a small size, so you can see lots fairly quickly when you travel throughout the country. Happy to share some of it and am looking forward to my very quick trip to London shortly for a family wedding too.


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Hi Richard, I'm just back from 3 weeks of touring the North Island and sifting my way through a couple of thousand images. My cousin's from Stratford but we managed a complete circuit of the island (missed Palmerston North though). It was our second trip to NZ - last time visited the South Island and our other relatives in Christchurch.
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Good stuff Malcolm, we look forward to seeing your photos.
Glad you had a good trip, I presume the weather was good, and rather a contrast from back home it would appear at the moment!


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Merry Christmas to all.

Never a real chance of a white Christmas here, but still good all the same.

Hope you all have a great day


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Hello and a Happy new year.....
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