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Have just bought a Kx which I'm having fun with as I find my way around.

Took some photos in RAW format the other day but my pc will not open them as the file format is not supported? Jpegs are fine.

Is there anything I can do to open them or do I need to download something or buy a photo editing programme?

Unfortunately it's a work laptop and I can barely use caps lock without administrator approval, never mind add a new programme..

Any advice would be appreciated on that and also making best use of the camera settings.

Many Thanks,



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To look at the raw files you could download Faststone portable to a memory stick. This will allow you to run Faststone without installing it on a PC.

Other members will help with camera settings.



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Welocome Sean. You need a RAW converter to open the RAW files. There is one provided on disc withy the camera, but you will need to load the program on your computer.

The alternative is you shoot best quality JPEG. It will be fine and the quality will still be excellent.
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Welocome Sean from Shaun
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G'day and welcome. You probably got a CD containing software, with your K-x? Perhaps install that (at home!), and then use the software to process your images.

Keep in touch with forum users here as you go.


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Welcome Sean. As stated by other members you should have the Pentax Camera utility included in the box install this and away you go. If you are running Vista or windows 7 on a pc the codec for viewing in windows, picture and fax viewer etc is available here:

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Thanks all.

Have downloaded the Faststone to a memory stick as suggested and at least able to view the files.

The Pentax disc contents will load onto my wifes rather ancient laptop but not onto mine. It just grinds to a halt. We can't load anything onto our work laptops without admin assistance and permission which is a ball ache. Also tried loading it from wife's pc onto the memory stick to see if I can run it from there but no joy.

Have emailed a couple of the RAW pics which seem to have been transfered to JPEG in the process? Will try to upload it to the gallery here....(now done)

What would the best quality JPEG settings?

I'm a complete novice (obviously!)

Thanks again.
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Hi Sean, another program you could try, which is free, is Irfanview which will see your RAW photos and can convert them. You can also do some basic editing with it too.

There are some free photo editing programs out there too, such as Picasa, if you do a search.


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Welcome Shaun

Any chance you could speak to your works IT department nicely
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Welcome to the site and forums
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Hi and welcome.

I shoot exclusively RAW, but only because I mess-around with post-processing every shot - and particularly because many of my photographs are in difficult circumstances for the camera to figure-out (particularly colour temperature which changes from shot to shot, because of the unusual nature of my work). If you don't have good quality software for processing RAW files (i.e. Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop/etc) - as well as the time/inclination to do so! - you really should switch to shooting in JPG. Then you can view the pictures on any computer as well! The Kx has a whole range of options in-camera to tweak your shots if you shoot JPG - well worth experimenting with to save work later.
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Thanks All for your most helpful replies. I look forward to getting more help as time goes on.



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If you use the windows photo fax viewer, to look at your files. It will only display the Jpegs.. But there is a free upgrade on the microsoft website to enable raw files to be viewed only..So you can easily check the ones you want to proces. As Previously stated to process you will need extra software. Silkypix, Photoshop or their equivalent
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A belated Welcome to the forum, Sean, good to have you aboard.


I gladly welcome C & C's. Being foggy minded they really help me learn.


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Hi Stephen and Gareth,

Thanks for the welcome. I've now managed to get the software loaded on the disc so hopefully will get up and running with the RAW files and some tinkering. Been really busy work wise and haven't had much time...

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