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Hi all, as threatened a set of ICMs and Multiple Exposures, and often a combination of the two, from my trip earlier this year to Sandwood Bay and Luskentyre in the far north west of Scotland. All done in camera, using the K1 ll and its Multiple Exposure engine, and various bits of ND... various lenses inc DFA 24-70 and PLM 55-300.









All thoughts, comments, observations etc. gratefully received as ever... have a final set of Abstracts which I’ll post in a bit...


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I love them - a great set IMOH. Nos. 2 & 3 are the 'stand-outs' for me.

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Superb photography! No. 6 + 8 are my immediate favourites. Thank you for sharing!



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Another great set - no 3 stood out for me followed by no 5 - and then 6, 7, 8...


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Posting these today is a thoroughly wicked thing to do. I'd be on the west coast of Scotland today and on the ferry to the Outer Hebrides (Uists) tomorrow if my wife hadn't had an operation that went wrong a few months ago, so this year's Hebs trip had to be cancelled. Not thinking about what we'd be missing was going OK until these came along. That's a huge compliment!

For me, they are so brilliantly evocative of the feelings and impressions of the place, even more so than the first Luskentyre set. There are artists who have moved to the Hebs to be able to produce works like this with paint and brush. To be able to see the potential and do it with a camera is incredible. No favourites, it's the connection with place and memories that matters for me.



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Another great set.
I don't think we will get that far on our upcoming trip, and I know I won't produce anything as wonderful as these. The last one is my favourite I think.


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oh, I do hope you make it to Durham soon!
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Definite stand out for me is the last one...No.8, followed by No.6.

Cheers Bill.



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They are lovely - and I would put #2 on my wall tomorrow.
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Amazing set of images. All the scenario are so beautiful. #1 is favorite of mine.
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These just go on getting better and better. You are a true artist Bill. As Barrie says, hope to see you in Durham before long.
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Super set Bill. Very artistic.

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Like the previous commentators, I really like the whole set. There is certainly something about the light and the dark of No.8 but, the whole set is stunning in my opinion.


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2and 8 for me superb


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Beautiful images again Bill, more than well-seen they are very much well-felt, as said above by Lubbyman.

In a strange way, #1 made me think of D-day - and then I scrolled down and #2 just took me straight to the moon (as in: what a melancholy moonscape!)... or is it Mars? The ghostly reds in #5? They do resemble an earthly sunset, don't they? I think it's in Fellini's 'E la Nave Va' that one actor says to another, as they admire an obviously CineCittà studio sunset, 'it is so beautiful it looks fake'. #6 seems to draw the line at... well, no, I guess it doesn't, we're still there aren't we? Ah yes indeed, we still are, losing our balance in #7 (or so it seems), before drifting off in the night of #8...

#3 is a bit special, with its repeating roundness of the hills and their ghosts - there might be a preference there for me. Although the 'leading lines' leading... 'nowhere'?... in #4 certainly prods my contemplative side to move over those hills beyond the water (?) and explore the stillness without.

Lovely work, really.
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