Harris and Lewis Pt 2


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Hi all... as threatened, the second set of photos from my trip up to Harris and Lewis in January. This set from Harris. I had a couple of days in the van in and around Luskentyre - very very windy, 40 mph+. Elemental doesn't quite cover it. Marvellous. All K1ii and various lenses, inc DFA 15-30, DFA 24-70, PLM 55-300.

1. Scarista. Late afternoon.

2. Horgabost. Early morning.

3. Scarista. Dusk.

4. Scarista. Dusk. Looking North.

5. Scarista. ICM.

6. Rosamol. Dawn.

7. Seilebost. Early morning.

8. Rosamol. Sunrise.

9. Seilebost. Dawn. Incoming.

10. Rosamol. Early morning.

11. Scarista. ICM.

12. Seilebost. Dawn.

13. Rosamol. Patterns.

14. Scarista. Sunset.

15. Seilebost. Sunrise sand pattern.

All thoughts, comments, observations etc. very welcome as ever...




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No.1 Master of light
No.2 Swept into the landscape, love the curve of the water movement really draws and directs ones view.
My thoughts are, I'll come back later when I have more time and am more relaxed


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Some of those shots are absolutely magnificent. They are all evocative expression of the utter, vital isolation of the environment without the presence of mankind. It's the sort of thing I would soon find oppressive, being so far and detached from civilisation, but for a while it could be positively therapeutic.

How do you feel when you are in these places?
Best regards, John


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14 for me. There is just something magical about those reflections.

Today is a great day - they always are if you wake up


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This collection like some of your previous evoke the deep sense of peace and tranquility that are born out of solitude and silence.
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What you need are lenses, more lenses, bigger lenses, better lenses, faster lenses, and when you have these, your pictures will be perfect!
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Just magical!!


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Number 3 for me Bill, but they are all lovely. You got a few Turner-esque skies in there too.

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These photographs are to die for! Every one of them is so evocative of that NxNW sea and sky.


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Cracking set no 8 for me.


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Breath-taking - tried picking favourites but could only find 15 I loved from this selection


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You don't make it easy Bill.

Have scrolled down them three or four times trying to pick two or three favourites...came up with seven that I particularly liked.

Narrowed those down to four...15,4,8,11 in that order...I think!

No.15 is almost 'other worldly'...totally unlike the rest and has an abstract feel which I really like.

No.4 ...love the 'watercolour', painting appearance of this.

No.8...wow...elevated from very good to excellent by the sun's rays.

No. 11...love the abstract , watercolour treatment again. Some great light from the left side.

Thanks for showing these Bill, one day i'd like to visit the area myself having only travelled as far north as Oban, Mull.




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Thanks all for thoughts and comments re these... it really was quite a trip... ended up being a bit more compressed on the timescale front due to the narrowing weather window and needing to make sure I could get back to the mainland, but it felt every bit as concentrated... the conditions were wonderful... I have a thing about going with whatever Mother Nature chooses to serve up on any given day in any given place, but this was pretty fabulous even by her high standards...

John, I've mentioned it before but the photography is very much a yin yang thing for me vs the day job... the more of the dayjob I do, the more I feel I need to balance it out with something that goes completely in the opposite direction... this came off a period of 8 months of pretty flat out work, so the more remote the better if I'm honest... it's very much about rebalancing, and reconnecting... the more elemental, the better...

Karlo, thanks for this, have spent some time in Mull too. Oban is a great jumping off point for the Outer Hebrides, as well as the inner islands. Longish ferry ride, but Barra, Vatersay and the Uists are all within striking distance from there. When it'll all be back on the menu though is anyone's guess...

Thanks again all...




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I have fond memories of a character-building, two-week school trip to Harris when I was fourteen (twenty-five years ago now, oh my) including a sunset bonfire on Seilebost beach. Very nice images of a stunning place that I'm long overdue a trip back to visit. Thanks for posting.
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Thanks Jonathan... sounds brilliant... wishing you a swift trip back... doubt you’ll find much changed...




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I need to go here!!

Bill, this is a set on steroids! So many images that are out if this world superb and LPOTY winner material if you ask me!

Simply stunning
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