Giant's Causeway


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Hi all... have been out to Belfast a couple of times with work over the last year or so... the last time I was out I managed to get out a day early to get up to the Causeway... have been looking forward to going for a while... but even on a very cold Monday in February, I was struck by how busy it is... and the rangers with whistles telling you where you are allowed to go, and where you're not, which I have to say is not something I've come across before... having spent the best part of a day there, I get the point actually... as soon you go anywhere, a whole herd of people tend to come and have a look to see whatever it is you may be looking at, irrespective of what they may be wearing on their feet etc... anyway, health and safety alert (dear me) aside, what a place it is... the raw material is fantastic... I can quite understand why it's so heavily visited... and once the coach parties disappear, the rangers clock off, the temperature drops, and the light starts to fade, it really is a pretty awesome place... all with the K1 and my lightweight travel kit: FA 20 2.8, FA 24-90, PLM 55-300.















All thoughts, comments, observations etc gratefully received as ever...




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I've never been there but have always wanted to make the trip up. Even more so now.
As always, you have captured a huge range and quality of light in these and they all have a distinctive mood to them. You use of exp to balance the movement of the sea is spot on.

I'm drawn to no 12 even though it appears to have the flattest light.
Something about it evokes something, just not sure what yet.
Savage set as a whole

Always look forward to your posts. 👏👏👏

I know what i like, If not always why.


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Superb set, the subdued tones really make a statement. 1,3, and 5 for me.

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Great job as ever really do justice to each place you visit.

I've never been either, this is as close as i've got! A place though definitely on my 'bucket list'.

Favourites for me...nos 13,7,1 and 3.




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Cracking images from start to finish, I too like #12, I think it's the pleasing tones that give it extra and the reflection of the sky in the collection of water on the stones.

Stunning images Bill
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Always look forward to your offerings Bill. And these are no different.. A place to I've always wanted to visit. Even more so now.. Stunning set...
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Wonderful shots Bill, it reminds me of a visit myself and my wife paid there a couple of years ago, in the Autumn of 2016. It was very busy when we went too and being with the wife I had very limited time for photography. I struggled to get shots with no people in them.

My favourite from this set is the first one, because it is different and makes the most not only of the sculptural shapes, but also of the dour grey contrasting with the bright green. It's reminiscent of a close-up of scales on a reptile.


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Awesome shots, you really know what you doing. Well done 👍
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Another great set Bill. It looks terrific even when the light has all but gone! They are all great IMO, but your opening image just focussing on the natural pattern of the rocks sets the scene beautifully. I haven't been here, but have been to Staffa (off Mull) which is a continuation of this rock type, and wonderful to see as well.


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Fantastic, moody shots. Particularly the last one. Cracking :p
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Another excellent set - nice to see the longish exposure effect (fluffy waves) not overdone. The first one does attract, in a non-classic dark, damp, detailed way


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Lovely set, drawn to No.9
Love the water acting as a lead in line
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11 and 12 for me but I'd be delighted had I produced any of them!
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Thanks Derek, Peter, Karlo, Tony, Stuart, David S, Ireneusz, Andy, Mag, John, Gareth and David J for thoughts and comments re these... much appreciated as ever... there is a sense of timelessness there on the geology front that hits you pretty hard...

Derek, Andy and Karlo, yes, really worth a visit if you have the chance at any point... my money would be on a midweek dawn visit... it's obvs one of Northern Ireland's A list attractions, so anything creative you can dream up to avoid the considerable attention it receives...

David S, yes, remember your visit from some rather nice gallery images you posted at the time I think...

Thanks again all...




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Interesting set, Bill, in that the circumstances seem to have driven some of your photographic choices more than they might have had the place been deserted.

The first two images especially: get in real close and shut out the crowd for #1; take the bull by the horns and embrace the crowd for #2. I like both very much.

#1 is beautifully textured and shaped, with the stillness of the water offering a welcome softness in contrast. The image is dark, yet all manner of light is being diffused. A powerful image. (yes, I see the touch of green and it's nice, but this one is all about the light).

#2 works well in response to #1. There is life here, both mossy (see, I saw it ;-D ) and human (and probably much else which we do not see). It works well on it's own, too, the visitors giving a sense of scale and outlining the curved hump on which they are.

I'm hoping you stretched the inspiration that gave you those two images and made more, a set of each would be wonderful, and a refreshing take on the causeway.

I'm not dissing the rest though! I think what I like most about 3-13 is the tale of darkness they are recounting. Perhaps a reordering of the images would bring out a stronger storyline, though? Individually, #12 strikes me the most, not for the leading line out to the horizon, but for the multiple oceans of varying size and depth seeminly seeping into the rocks, themselves sinking into the larger stretch of ocean beyond. An unrelenting cycle, coming from the depths of time...
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