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Link Posted 02/06/2017 - 13:03
richandfleur wrote:
Game changer for me was DSLR video. Suddenly I wasn't limited to the handicam point and shoot of past years, and it's associated one fixed lens. I could introduce that cinematic depth of feel into my videos and the K-30 transformed my video look instantly. It gave me an interchangeable lens platform, and I've never looked back.

The update I expected, which would return the obvious omission of real Pentax mechanical stabilisation of the previous K-x/K-7/K-5 series, never came though unfortunately

It is a shame especially when they reckon they can do it in the K70 and the KP (Not sure about the KS2)?
Cheers Jules...

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Link Posted 02/06/2017 - 13:10
wvbarnes wrote:
For me it was also the F4 300 star and matching tele adapter. AFC for wildlife was a problem with the K3 though.I always ended up with having to use AFS and missed too much. Tele adapter reducing depth of field probably contributed.

Travel abroad also increased desire for a lighter kit took me to looking at mirrorless. Too expensive and not so small as you'd think I decided.

I've sold the prime 300 F4 and adapter.

I've moved to and been delighted by the new lighter 55 - 300mm PLM lens and the K3 II. They seem to like each other a lot. AFC now works as intended with much higher success rate. Improved SR also a nice improvement in low light or slower shutter with telephoto than previously possible.

The 300 F4 is a beauty no doubt and one of the quicker SDM's, I've found whatever brand I've used in the past when you add a convertor all bets are off! PLM seems like a great idea and I hope to see it expanded when they get thier heads around increasing the motor power so they can put it in the bigger F2.8 (Or faster) glass, I'm lovin the 5 axis stabilisation in my KP, which has become even better since I gave up coffee!
I've tried the Fuji mirrorless system for the last two years but it is not the panacea it seems, there are pluses and minuses on both sides of the grass...
Cheers Jules...

My viewfinder is 576,000,000 pixels.
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