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I began with an Olympus RC35 back in 1979, a wedding present from my wife -- years later in 1998 we retired to San Jacinto in Southern California. I wanted to retire elsewhere but my wife didn't want to move too far from her parents (who lived in Indio, Southern California). I argued that if she could find a house near a good spot where I could hike and let the dogs run off-leash we could move there -- she did and we bought a house in San Jacinto. Not too long afterwards I moved into the digital world. My first serious cameras and lenses were Olympus, but when Olympus abandoned the DSLR world I moved over to Pentax which in my view had a lot in common with the rugged Olympus cameras and lenses. I started with a K20D, then got a K7 (both now belong to my son) then got a K5, K5iis and finally a K3.

I have used the 18-135 lens most often for hikes but just recently purchased (but have not yet received) the 16-85. My photos as much as anything have been about my dogs on hikes. Last week for example we had an interesting confrontation with a coyote. I was concerned about the coyote's aggressiveness toward my dogs and so got only one (sort of) good shot of him. Each time I would raise my camera he would scurry away. One can see him in the Oct 2015 gallery within the "River Photography" Folder in [if it turns out to be okay to cite web sites on this forum -- I didn't notice anything to the contrary. ]

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Hi, Lawrence thanks for telling us about a part of your life and sharing your pics with us, It looks a great place to liive

Regards Dave


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Hello and welcome Lawrence.
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Welcome from the Southwest!
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Hello and Welcome to the forum!

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Hello and welcome love the knives
cheers Neil
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Welcome to the forums mate.
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Welcome to the forum, youŽll find the forum very friendly & helpful...



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Welcome, Old Chap, from sunny (rainy) Manchester!
Come and see the beautiful things I see in the ordinary world.
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