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Anytime I've framed a photo I've taped the back of the photo to the window mat.

This article has the front of the photo taped to the 'mat board/back of frame'

My frames have glass - window mat- mat board/back of frame, no separate mat board.

A few questions-
1. I had presumed that everyone taped the back of the photo to the window mat- am I wrong?
2. what do you use to tape the photo?
3. do you tape entire top and bottom on photo or just a few small tabs of tape on the top & on the bottom or just on top?

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This is how I do it:
1. Tape to the back of the window mat (I'd call this the mount)
2 & 3. Usually I use one or two small strips (approx. 2cm long) of masking tape at the top edge.




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1) I tape the photo to the back of the mount card, using what is sometimes called a 'hinge mount'. That is, I use a couple of small pieces of tape, about 5 cm each, to attach the photo to the top of the mount.

2) I then put a backing card over the whole photo that is typically 2-3 cm larger than the photo on each side, and then tape that all the way around to the back of the mount.

I always use a Ph Neutral (i.e. acid free) self adhesive tape.

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Place the photo upside down and put a strip of low tack masking tape across the top edge, about 2/3 width is usually enough, turn it over and lower the mat over it to align the photo with the cut-out. Gently press down for the tape to adhere, turn over and smooth the tape down firmly. Only using a short length of tape on one edge allows the photo paper to move otherwise after time it could buckle. The low tack tape means it can be carefully removed later without damaging the photo paper.


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I was advised to use "mounting tape", obtainable from most art/picture framing shops. This tape is probably similar to the Ph Neutral tape referred to above, doesn't dry out and fall off like masking tape and can be removed without destroying the print or mount.

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Link Posted 11/02/2020 - 14:26
I use one short piece of acid free tape on the top edge of the photograph.
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