Flash remote trigger for amateur (= not to expensive)


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are there options that you are aware about for an amateur like me that does not want to spend too much on a flash remote trigger + 2 receivers?

I just need them to be reliable on a distance under 10 meters.

I bought some chinese ones stating to work within 30 meters, but actually they stop to work over 2 meters.
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Interesting. Mine work at a much greater distance; probably about 50m. Not that I need that great a range (I was just idly testing them while on a shoot). I'm not that aware of the different brands but Yongnuo have a great reputation for price/performance.


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I am an amateur also and bought some "Aputure Trigmaster II 2.4G" triggers.
They are multichannel, very cheap on Amazon (make sure you order the Pentax ones, think the code is MXII-P) and I've not had any problems with them.

They do become temperamental above 160 shutter speed, they will fire the flash when you use your camera to autofocus instead of when you fully depress the button to take a shot. But work at 160 and below and they are flawless in my experience. Range is 120 metres.

You can use them to fire your camera remotely if you buy the cable.

Hope this helps


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I was led to believe that they will work the same for any brand?

Sadly 1/180 is the max. sync speed for Pentax, unless you're using a dedicated Pentax PTTL flash gun in HSS mode, and PTTL functions will NOT work with these triggers
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They may well do, but they have different ones for different cameras ie Nikon/Canon/Sony/Panasonic. Not sure what the difference is, I know it's not just the cables that come with. Mine says MXII-P at the bottom right and only ever seen this on Amazon, currently 32 ish


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Another vote for the Aputure triggers from me, they are superb for the money and work perfectly, even at long distances. They seem pretty well made too.

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