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here are a couple of shots from my last two shoots (with a borrowed fisheye) i have another very different shoot on friday so will upload one from then too
IMGP1042 by Fibi3b, on Flickr">[img]" class="comment_image" />

IMGP1042 by Fibi3b, on Flickr" class="comment_image" />

IMGP0835 by Fibi3b, on Flickr">[img]" class="comment_image" />

IMGP0835 by Fibi3b, on Flickr" class="comment_image" />

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Oh i just realised i am supposed to talk about the images a bit!

Righty well the top one is a promo shoot for a string band, it was taken at around 6.30 yesterday evening with a Pentax 10-17 and a Pentax 360 flash jobbie

the second one was taken with the same lens, inside the registery office of Salisbury with no flash (banned) and quite a high ISO

both were taken on my K5. I dont know what else i can say really! any comments are appreciated i am rather happy with both of them, but then i would be or i probaby wouldnt have posted them here
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IMHO No 1 would have worked slightly better if the subjects bodies had been slightly turned toward each other, or had both been looking inwards, as it is their posture and eyes direct the viewer outwards.
No2 looks good, but maybe the subjects should have been closer to the oval thing, as they are they are a little bit lost in the frame.
Other than those points I like them.
Good use of the fisheye, and the flash in No1.

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yeah we did a few with the two facing each other I loved this shot most out of the bunch though, more to do with how cool the sun/sky looks in the background

I had no choice about where the other two were, that is where the seats are put in the new registry office in town! Its VERY annoying trying to photograph the bride when there is a huge great concrete thing in the way! Lots of quite narrow photos came from that!

I LOVE the lens its fabulous and i think i might buy one, i have another shoot this weekend and i will make my decision based upon that - looking good at the moment though!
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Oh and thank you so much for taking the time to comment, i really appreciate it x
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Steve Chasey

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As Davex, re the fish eye. Think I might be tempted to crop the right edge a bit to balance the porthole view effect more. Couple are pretty central though, so may not work.

The fish eye takes a bit of getting used to - but it's worth the effort i think.

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I like No 1. In a quirky way I think the eye looking out, together with the heads tilting towards each other, works despite breaking the usual rules.
Personally I think I'd prefer no 2 at the 17mm end of the zoom, making the people clearer and doing without the pillars. I'm not convinced that the fish-eye framing helps this shot, perhaps only because it is off-set, whilst the distortion (& DOF) works brilliantly in the first one.
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realyl nice shots. My favourite is #1Love the way the couple are both looking away.

On #2 I like the pillars and I also like the asymmetry of them. I would have run an adjustment brush over the couple in the foreground to lighten them slightly and set them to stand out from everything else a bit. maybe 0.3 of a stop.

Fish eyes are great. I love my 10-17
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Thanks Smeggy thats a good idea I do like the pillars too, i was in a room with everyone i was supposed to be taking pictures of behind these two MASSIVE pillars and decided to get them in the shot! Its a good idea to lighten the couple, i think i will try that out
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I just like them both,very imaginative....and i love my fisheye too.....

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how do you find it in comparison to the 17-70, Royd?
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What a shame you removed the EXIF data, it makes pertinant comment easier!

I really like the first one, the balance of ambient and fill is pretty good.

I would have got closer, moved them a bit closer together and have them look even further apart = tension
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I dont know if tension was what we were going for It was a promo shoot for their band So i wanted to capture the unity and connection between them, rather than any tension
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Love the balance of light as Ken mention on the 1st one, and I would also crop the 2nd one as mentioned to level it out.

The fisheye does get very addictive and if you can afford one I'd say just buy it! Very useful at weddings too, this album is all fisheye and this one has a few in, mainly at the beginning.

Doubt I will ever part with mine, it's always in the bag!



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Lovely shots in there! Yes i do think its an excellent wedding lens, its also cool for festivals and parties which i am excited by, i am planning to do a nightclub shoot tomorrow night (and train my husband to take photos too) which hopefully will lead on to other events/gigs in nightclubs... I am training Liam because i wont be able to do many nightclub gigs for the next while, i am pregnant with my second! So i reliquish work to Liam for a short time

I definitely think I am going to buy one, Have had SUCH fun with it, liam is keen to get a 12-24 so it is more of an all round lens, but i am more happy to get a cheaper fish eye and cope with the distortion (because it is Very cool)
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