First DSLR, K5, shutter count...


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stu62 wrote:
Some people don't even put 5000 on a camera in 4 or 5 years can't see the point in that you spend all that money on cameras and lenses

I did 5000 in the first 6 months of getting my k3ii

Just try scanning 5000 colour slides! It really is quite lot.

And Just because you can take multiple shots for each photo doesn't mean you have to. Cameras with high shutter counts I'd expect to have been used in machine gun mode rather than carefully composed and executed single shots. It doesn't mean the photographer has ended up with any more usable images.
John K


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LawrenceKH wrote:

Now you must tell us if it is the K-5ii you told us about earlier, the one with 66,000 clicks on it -- so we can commiserate properly later on should it fail.

**************** Failure is not an option ********************
The K-5ii I bought has a count of 17,000, if I saw that a few weeks ago I would have said that's high,
but after seeing cameras with counts over a hundred thousand it didn't seem to bad.
I would have liked the one I saw with a count of 600 but I didn't want to pay that much.


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integerspin wrote:
I am looking for my first DSLR.
I have seen a K5 with 9kcount on a dealers site and a K-5ii on another dealers site, the K-5ii has a
66kcount. ~7 times the count sounds like I should be going for the former. But is the K-5ii so much better.

The K-5 Mk.II is not really any better. It just functions a tad differently. I would suggest buying the lower shutter count K-5 Mk.I.


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If you look round you may find a k3 for the same process a k5
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