Favourite Lens?


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Interested to see what folks favourite Pentax (or Pentax fit) lenses are?
I guess kinda skewed toward full frame for me but I've always loved the 31mm f1.8 - perfect focal length, excellent build and just a stellar lens.


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Surely one has different favourites depending on the subject matter. The 31 wouldn't normally be very useful for ornithological subjects yet be great for a landscape. I appreciate there will always be exceptions. The lens I used to have and now miss was a K 20mm f4 that got stolen in Bath many moons ago. I replaced it with an M version but it never seemed quite the same.
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As stupid as it sounds, I've tried so many lenses and never stuck to one. The one that was always a pleasure to shoot with was the Sigma Super Wide II 24mm f/2.8 on APS-C. Either that or the Irix 15mm for its raw qualities - sharp as anything else even wide open.

The lens I'd love to love (but can't yet) is the A135/1.8. It's got all the spec but I've never been able to use it properly.


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Favourite or most useful?

I loved the 300mm F4 star lens but i use the newer 55 300mm PLM much mor as it is lighter, smaller and much quicker to focus..

I loved the tiny 15mm F4 Ltd but use the 20 40 Ltd much more and i don't miss the wide angle much..

I loved the 12mm to 24mm F4 wide angle but it sat in the bottom of my bag too much, so it went to pay for the 20 to 40mm Ltd

Lenses are for using, not sitting on display shelves.


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If I need to stay with one prime lens I will choose FA 43mm f1.9 works perfectly on K-1 and film cameras.
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My favourite and most used isnt a Pentax lens at all. But the Sigma 105. Perfect for studio portrait. Use it indoors for macro and product shots on those rainy dull days..We have a lot of them in Manchester. I can use it on both crop formats so it suits my my K5II and K1.. Another reason why Ricoh need third party manufactures on board to strengthen the brand as a whole..
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Difficult question for a lens polygamist.

The lenses I use most are DA 16-85mm on APS-C and D FA 28-105mm on FF because of the combination of their range and light weight( for zoom lenses).

However, if I had to choose just one lens, it would be the DA* 55mm F1.4 which works nicely on both sensor formats.
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Hard choice for me too.
2 most used are my 16-85mm and 105mm macro.
Of the 2. The 105mm is one I'd not be without.
I know what i like, If not always why.


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ronniemac wrote:
The lenses I use most are DA 16-85mm on APS-C and D FA 28-105mm on FF because of the combination of their range and light weight( for zoom lenses).

They're the two I most often use at the moment for the same reason. They're both convenient utility lenses rather than anything special, but what they do they do well.
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There are so many - and the more DFA's I try, the more I like 'old school' offerings - If I want pixel pipping level detail and large format prints, and I do like that for cityscapes in particular, then I find myself using the DFA 28-105mm the most. I have used all currently available DFAs and if I had the need to carry all that weight, I would buy the DFA 70-200mm; fortunately I don't; the standard zoom has no edge over the kit except if you actually need the faster aperture - as far as rendering and sharpness is concerned, there is little point to spend twice the money and carry twice the weight. For anything else, the more I own, the more I seem to use older glass.

I rarely shoot people but when I do the SMC Pentax 135mm 2.5 is all I need.
For the best 'Pentax green', be it coupled with my K1 or K3II the SMC Pentax F Zoom 1:3.5-4.5 35-70mm.
DA 35mm 2.4 for street on APS-C - plastic and indeed fantastic. I sold my first one, and few months later, very quickly bought another one. It squeaks a bit but it's great on both APS-C and FF.
SMC Pentax M 50mm 1.7, SMC Pentax FA 50mm 1.4 for general use/light walkabouts on the K1 ,
SMC Pentax M 28mm 3.5 for explosion of natural colors for landscapes and it is one of my favourite lenses for pixel shift - just a totally arbitrary opinion.

I shoot interiors with Irix 15mm - at f8 as sharp as the DA15-30mm with very little distortion, unlike the Pentax option - which for me is a deal breaker.

I only own two DA ltds and surprisingly, they stay on the shelves most times - 15mm gets busted out if I need a funky starburst/flare (non HD one).
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I have lots of favourite lenses, but if I really needed to have just one then practicality would probably mean it would be the 18-135mm on APS-C or the 28-105mm on full frame.
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I change favourites all the time, but as i have been recently doing a lot of pet portraits with a flash setup, my current favourite has to be the FA* 85m 1.4 which I use on the K-1.

I know this can be a very subjective view but it just seems to bring them to life in pictures. It very much gives me a sense of occasion too when it goes on the camera.

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Pentax Q fisheye


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35mm (film): FA20-35/4 - perfect focal length range, fast enough and works with all my film cameras.

6x7 (film): SMC 6x7 45/4 - perfect wide-angle focal length, quite compact and balances well on the camera.

APSC (K5): FA28/2.8 - approximates to the 43/1.9 field of view, for some reason I can't work out, I prefer this to the FA20-35/4.
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My favourite on digital is the fabulous DA 35mm f/2.8 macro limited. Image quality to die for and a pleasure to use.

On film I'd probably go for the M 50mm f/1.7 as it's sharp, fast, light and compact.
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