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Link Posted 22/02/2018 - 09:10
Anyone got any experience with the 15mm Irix ?

Living down in Hampshire there's not many dealers nearby to try them and anyway the ones that don't supposedly supply them have to order them in. There's an option to go to the NEC next month, perhaps, but I wasn't planning to go there this year, though this lens possibility may persuade me.

I'm looking for a lens that is optical good at around 15mm, that is not as heavy as the 15-30. The Samyang doesn't seem to be quite as good and reportedly has issues with batch variations.

So anyone used a 15mm Irix ?



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I would buy one without any hesitation.

The alternative would be

But the one I actually bought was which isn't quite as good, but holds up perfectly well at the apertures I will be using the lens for.

As for batch variation, all lenses potentially have the odd rogue, but if it's not up to scratch I'd just return it for replacement.
Best regards, John


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Hi John, thanks. I use your reviews at ephotozine as my first source of info. Then I ask to get the 'feel'. The feeling seems to be positive towards this lens. I'm inclined now to go and handle it at the NEC show next month and see if there are any offers.


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Why not order one from Amazon and try it out?

If it's not for you just retun it.
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Or phone s rs as they are agents if memory serves me right


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stu62 wrote:
Or phone s rs as they are agents if memory serves me right

SRS would be my first choice. Unfortunately they are not a distributor. I found out there are a few listed at the Irix site after all (I had not drilled down far enough), only I don't know any off them. I'm thinking it will be the NEC to take a look ...
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