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johnboy-22 wrote:
I presume if you use live view it will not make any difference

It will make a difference regardless of whether or not you use Live View. You will still get some light leakage if you don't cover the viewfinder.

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The Pentax ESII (1973-1975) has a built-in viewfinder blind to solve this problem. The only problem with it is the panic that ensues when you have forgotten about it and are wondering why the viewfinder is completely dark.

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sussexwolf wrote:
DrOrloff wrote:
Blu tack for me.

I would be worried that Blu Tac might damage the Anti Reflection coating on the eye peice

It doesn't touch it, adheres to the ledge.

Woolly hat solution sounds good too, ideal for Northumberland in summer.
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This was a similar discussion from about two years ago with examples:


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John K


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davidstorm wrote:
I don't use the Penjtax eyepiece as it doesn't fit the K-5. I've made one out of cardboard covered with black electrical tape and it works perfectly.

Light will enter the eyepiece if you're doing long exposure shots so it is important that you keep it covered.


Hi David,
It can be a pain to fit, because the rubber eyepiece needs to be removed first of all to gain access to the mounting slots, but unless the eyepiece of the K5 is different to the K10D,and the K20D,it should fit!
I have 2 covers as I had one with my MZ7, and one with my K20D.
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It does fir the K-5, the fitting has been the same since the M series of cameras in 1976.
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johnriley wrote:
It does fir the K-5, the fitting has been the same since the M series of cameras in 1976.

Thanks for the info John, I've never felt like removing the rubber surround, it's easier to make a blanking piece that slips under the rubber so no need to take it off.

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Covering the eyepiece while the K-5 is on a tripod does improve the exposure. I just use a folded handkerchief over the viewfinder as it is a pain using the supplied plastic blind that fits the eye piece. My Leica SLR had a built in metal blind behind the viewfinder.
I was recently shooting a group photo indoors with relatives using the Pentax Remote. We were seated on a sofa facing the window. The camera was on a tripod with the viewfinder facing the window. The camera was set to TAv mode at f8 and 1/20 sec, ISO 400.
The first shot was under exposed. So I covered the viewfinder with my handkerchief. The rest of the shots were perfectly exposed.


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I asked a similar question a while back - here's a link to the resulting discussions link

One question though - further up it was said that in LV you would still need the viewfinder covered. Is it not the case that that in LV mode the viewfinder is blanked out (by the back of the mirror ?) - it goes completely black, so could there really still be light leakage ?
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If you use LV in a not too bright place, shine a bright led torch into the eyepiece only and you can watch the exposure change!

The viewfinder may look completely dark when in LV but light can still get around the same mirror that is in the same place as when taking long exposures. Must admit I often forget to cover the eyepiece when using the remote or timer and I know it makes a difference.


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As detailed elsewhere, cut up credit card does it for me...


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