exhibitions and galleries thread?


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Davem just made a post in the pointless thread which I think might be good to make into a permanent thread. He's recommended a Fay Godwin exhibition.

If you've visited a decent exhibition or gallery perhaps you could share it with the rest of us? Doesn't need to be photography specifically given the cross-fertilisation of ideas across different areas of the arts, any decent exhibition or gallery will do.

Perhaps this could be made a sticky if it takes off then its a bit easier to find.

Perhaps we could limit this to UK rather than the whole planet or beyond for some off world species members?
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Good idea, there is a local event shortly, I could post dates etc if people interested.

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This exhibition of John Thomson's China pictures is on in Glasgow until 12th June. link

I travelled to Liverpool last year to see it not relaising it would end up within walking distance of my house

Its not to be missed.

National Library of Scotland
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OOOOOH that will also still be on during the Scottish meet up
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