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hi all.after reading terrible reviews for the 18-135 wr lens is it worth buying and will it work on a k500?


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Pjy123 wrote:
hi all.after reading terrible reviews for the 18-135 wr lens is it worth buying and will it work on a k500?

Not sure what reviews you may have read but user reviews seem to rate it highly, e.g. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/740381-USA/Pentax_21977_SMC_DA_18_135mm_F_...
The bad reviews reflect its launch price when it did appear poor value compared to other similar lenses (eg Pentax and Tamron 18-250's.) Don't ever remember hearing it described as terrible though. Where did you see that?
re K500, I'd presume it's compatible but have never personally seen one let alone tried one! Sorry about that.
John K


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Read John Rileys Review, particularly his summary.

When you do that then you'll buy one - it has put my 16-5Omm DA* and 50-135mm DA* into semi retirement for travel but as i have said on numerous times before, look at the cat portrait on my portfolio and you will see it is seriously good.

i wouldn't leave the house without it.
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thanks any upto date pics


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It will work very nicely with your K500. Its such a useful lens you'll wonder how you ever did without it!


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thank you jemx99


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A few taken with the 18-135 - unedited and uncropped.
Not as sharp as the limited's or DA*'s, but nevertheless it's plenty good enough and a very convenient focal length when you want to travel light or you're not sure what lens to take. It's well worth having.
I've been toying with the idea of selling it because I don't use it that much, but then I think how handy the FL is and keep having second thoughts!


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I have every single one of the WR lenses except for the 560; the two full frame lenses that have yet to be officially released and also the compact "folding" zoom.

The 18-135 is an incredible bargain at it's existing price and I've never had a WR lens fail due to the weather. Better optically than the three other priced (existing) entry level WR lenses. Not as good optically (or aperture) as the 24-70 limited, the 16-85 (one of Pentax's better zoom lenses), or the three other higher priced models.

The only two drawbacks about the 18-135 are the general terrible apertures of most of the WR line (unless one is willing to pay out the literal price and also the price in size and weight), and that it is not as good optically as two of the existing WR lenses that have been released within the last year


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yes it does work with the k-500- brilliantly so in my opinion


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I bought one second hand from another PU user and from the pics I have taken so far this is the lens - the only lens, I am taking on my Thailand holiday. I am that confident given what I've seen. As you may have guesses, I travel light!
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