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I have recently returned from a trip and met a photographer who prefers one of the competitor cameras, He show me tethering and it was perfect for what I need and will save me time (no to mention backache) when in the studio.

I have searched on this forum, but I am confused as to whether the K5 (both) and K7 can be 'tethered'. I am looking to take exposures and change aperture from the laptop.

Can anyone enlighten me


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IIRC Pentax stopped supporting tethering with the K20D but someone has since written their own programme to work with Pentax cameras ... you can find it HERE

Shame Pentax don't seem interested in supporting what would be a very useful feature. K-3 users have to spend 100 on a Flucard.
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Thank you Mike-P
I have downloaded the program, connected the K5iiS and voila! Had a little play with it, seems to be doing what I want.

I notice that the top display on the camera flickers after a short while, you don't happen to know how to stop that by chance?

Thank you again
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From the PK_Tether site;

If top display is blinking then switch off illumination in camera menu for K7 and K5.



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Thank you also for your input, very much obliged.
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Information I wanted too thanks!


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I've also seen this for tethering in lightroom. Not used it so can't personally though.


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wozzo wrote:
I've also seen this for tethering in lightroom. Not used it so can't personally though.

Has anyone else tried this software? - I did but couldn't get the images to load in Lightroom. Shame.


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I presume there are no Android apps for Pentax tethering?
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