Can you recommend a tripod?


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We seem to have done what we all do best - got you thoroughly bemused.

OK - suggestion - as was made up thread

get weight of your camera and the heaviest lens you have

Now check each tripod that interested you - and check it will take that weight [ and a bit more for good luck ]

If the one you want won't - then check the next one till you get match of camera+ lens and tripod

Simples - all you have to do is pay for it OH and remember to get a spare Plate or two
let the education continue

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I bought secondhand for starters, that way you get a lot more for your money. Picked up a Manfrotto 190X pro B on Ebay for 30 with 161RC2 pan head. Sold the head for 20 at work. Then bought Jules Manfrotto 498RC2 head for 50. Total cost 60. But really the 161RC2 head was plenty good enough. So should have been 30 all in.


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it's difficult with tripods - there's always a balance of weight versus stability.

if it's too light , it possibly wont be stable and you've wasted your money. If you want it rock solid it's probably going to be that bit heavier and more expensive than you'd ideally like.

I have a couple of times in past made the mistake of skimping a little on tripods ...never again.

also check when trying one out in the shop that everything locks up real tight and not a millimetre of movement when tightened - some I've played with in shops have moved several millimetres when allegedly tightened !!!!

Think of it this way - you've bought your nice camera, you've bought a lens that's better than the kit lens and spent money on that. You're shooting this image and it's wonderful, good composition, great light, interesting subject and this si going to be a belter of an image... do you want to ruin that by your tripod not being as stable as it might be and the image having blur because the tripod moved the tiniest amount.

I have a manfroto and it's not carbon so rather heavier than I'd like in an ideal world but I want a solid platform...I do find it a drag to schlep around , especially as a lot of my photography is sneaking / climbing into derelict buildings and oft spending up to six hours or more wandering around them taking photos. it takes it's toll but presently a price I'll pay.

If I get a windfall I may look at carbon fibre for any future tripods.
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Manfrotto 057 is a good tripod is good but the Gitzo GT5532LS is tremendous. Not cheap but pure quality which will last a lifetime if looked after. Over time cheaper. However, like everything else in the work you pay for what you get and good quality can often be expensive at the start but save you in the long run.


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Have tried a few different tripods and can honestly say I don't regret paying out on a Gitzo.

I have the 3540LS, no centre column, light and stable plus folds down to 55cm so easy to carry..

A tripod is only any good if you actually take it with you and mine gets carted here, there and everywhere.

One other factor is make sure you get a good quality head otherwise you have just wasted money buying a decent tripod

Yes it may cost the price of a decent lens, but a good tripod/head will improve the quality of photos from all your lenses
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Heartily agree with last post and that from Judderman. Paying hundreds if not thousands for a camera and lenses and then cutting corners by going for a cheaply built tripod is ensuring a weak link in the chain. A tripod that extends out to spindly legs is not going to be stable in wind or on a surface that can carry vibrations

The Gitzo models without centre column are excellent.
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Thanks gents, great advice much appreciated.
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