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Apologies if this sounds a bit daft, but In the two months since I have had my camera I have not had it connected by the USB cable to my computer. I have had no reason to as I have a card reader on my PC.
My question is :
Should I connect it up to install Pentax K10D camera profile on my PC? I did notice in a magazine illustration a picture of the Color Management Settings window box with Camera Product and Camera Profile underneath, which I do not have.

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I generaly rely on the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" principal.

If you are happy with both your on-screen and printed colours you are only ever likely to make things worse by changing a working environment.

Others here may have a more informed opinion.

Personally, I have never connected any of my cameras to the PC, I don't think I could even find the cables to do so very rapidly.
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The camera profile is never stored in the camera anyway

Profiles are usually available only for the mainstream cameras. Phase One include simple profiles for most DSLRs, and probably will include a K10D when they support it. Magne Neilsen (From etcetera) did his own profiles for main cameras - in fact I used his Nikon D100 profile for the *ist-D and *ist-DS which produced some very nice colours in Capture One.

To be perfectly honest, you don't really need a camera profile unless you are trying to get bang on colour reproduction for product photography and scientific uses etc.

Silkypix provides a very fine level of control over the colour from the K10D (and all others for that matter). I find it's more a case of playing around to try and get a particular "look" for a set of images.

Hope that helps!!
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