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There was only one word that summed up this shot for me, Bliss taken with the Tam 70/300 on the Pentax k 100 D.


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Now there's a shot with a title that made me laugh

I like it - subtle colours , nice reflection, a teeny bit of movement in the water .

Well spotted
let the education continue

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Well seen, better than the average swan shot. I like the soft, warm light too. Good lens, isn't it?
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I agree with Techno and Andrew... I tend to take a lot of shots of birds on the water, with varying levels of success. I think here you have captured a somewhat different view to the average 'portrait'-type shot, and the light is appealing - looks as if the swan is caught in a ray of light. the darkening in the corners helps with this as well (although maybe the black in the top right is slightly heavy (or maybe I am just being picky ).

I went on a couple of photo op days with the wildlife photographer Chris Weston and he has a maxim along the lines of... if the only title you can think to ascribe to a picture is the name of the animal, then maybe try to find a different angle... hopefully you get the drift - anyway I think you would pass that 'test' with this picture - very pleasing overall to my mind.


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Thanks guys for the feed back just got lucky realy and had the right lens on the day.


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Well caught Phil! Methinks you've created your own luck, with planning & preparation.
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