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After breaking my GX10 I have been without a Dslr for quite a while. Like many others the belt has had to be tightened so I did not have a big budget for another. I couldn't believe my luck last week, I managed to win a K100D Super with a kit lens for 48.99. It turned up in perfect condition with less than 1000 clicks. It was listed simply as 'pentax'. I can't believe sometimes how stupid some sellers are on Ebay, a few years ago I got a Manfrotto 190xb tripod for 17.99 including delivery. The seller had promised RMSD so it ended up costing him money to give it away!


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Pleased to hear you have grabbed a bargain.

As for ebay sellers being stupid - I think that is a little harsh - advertising is not everyone's forte.

Yes you do see some ridiculous ads and often I shake my head - but if it were not for such ads - I would not own half the gear I do - so as far as I am concerned - they are not stupid - they are a valuable section of the community who should be encouraged.

I once picked up a purchase with the title "lots of bits and pieces including some Pentax stuff" - this was advertised in the vintage camera section and had a photo of a large brown cardboard box that you could not make out the inside of, other than it looked like "lots of bits and pieces".

Anyway I put 99p on it and a couple of days later discovered I had won - 5 with postage duly paid - I waited to have a laugh at what I had bought.

Box turned up a few days later - and was fairly heavy.

On opening it I discovered

2 x Ensign folding cameras circa 1930 (still have them probably worth 60-80)

1 x Pentax P30T
I x box brownie
1 x Pentax ME Super
2 x Pentax MV1
1 x Pentax A 50mm 1.7
1 x Pentax M 28mm
1 x Pentax M 70-210

20+ Cokin filters -all cased
3 x Cokin holders + half a dozen rings
Several release cables
4 assorted 35m compacts
10 colour films (half still in date)

Beat that for 99p +postage

No matter how many lenses I have owned - I have always needed just one more


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I think you have well and truly trumped me there Carl. You are quite right in what you say, if it wasn't for these sellers I would not have owned a lot of gear.


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And the K100D Super is a cracking little camera - miss mine since I sold it - did'nt sell it on ebay by the way . Well done.


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Well done! Still got my K100D Super which keeps on keeping on (or rather my son has it....). Probably the best JPEGs that anyone managed to get out of that Sony 6MP sensor.

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