An intereesting SD card


Link Posted 09/03/2014 - 22:38
Shopping in Sainsburys, I spotted a Sony 16 Gb SD card.
The price was good (9.99) but the speed rating caught my eye - this was a Class 4 card rated at (up to) 15 Mb/sec, which is way fast for a Class 4.
So I took a gamble, got home and decided to test it.

Nothing scientific you understand. I have my K20 set to take .jpg and RAW both (RAW is DNG), so my thought was really how long could I do continuous shots before the card could not keep up. I just kept pressing the release (8 times) and watched the little light telling me that the card was being written to. Paused for a few seconds and did it again for another 8 shots, pointed it somewhere different for another seven shots. 46 images in a couple of minutes and the card kept up. Close on a Gb of data in about two minutes (a bit less than the makers claim, but enough to say "fast".

I would not normally shoot that fast, so I think I got a good buy. And. I know that it will not let me down after a few shots.

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