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I need to clean my eyes and mouth!

I have just spent 3 hours being interviewed for an advertising campaign and had to look at a Canon EOS 5D being used in HD video mode! I initially told him that Canon was not allowed in the house!

Well I left the photographer drooling - showed him the K3 specs and let him handle my DA*300. Then mentioned how my he wastes by OS in each lens when Pentax put it in-camera! He was certainly thinking Pentax when he left.


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Hahaha I was working with a canon 600D shooter on Monday, I felt unclean!!


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I was joined by a Canon user last Semptember when I was shooting a Godrevy sunset. He had a full frame camera but I never asked what model.

Anyway the noise from his camera shutter clanking away was annoying me but I kept my mouth shut, however to my amusement he commented about how quiet my camera shutter was.

I just said all K5s' were quiet. Made me smile.
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I do agree about the shutter noise. My FF bodies are somewhat louder than my K5. I can of course bring out the 645 which makes a FF seem quiet and a friend here who uses a 6x7 can make everything else seem quiet.

To date though, I have yet to have anyone comment on the noise from any of my cameras.

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