I just recieved my delivery. I didn't expect so much for 65


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I opened a box and found:
35-70mm petri mc- ebay 22
SMC Prime lense Pentax-A F1.7 50mm- 50
Hanimex Automatic zoom 80-200mm 4.5 MC- 25
PENTAX P/K FIT VIVITAR MC 3X-22 Tele Converter 40
Pentax A3 Camera 25
Filters and holders- ???
Red cable? What's this?

Could anybody explain, Do I need VIVITAR MC 3X-22 Tele Converter to my K5, or all of the filters and holders. If yes How Can I use it?
What about old Camera? How to check if is working?

Sorry for plenty of question, but I'm completely new with this?


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The red cable is a mechanical cable release. If you should use it on a mechanical camera, don't push the trigger in all the way or you'll likely jam the shutter. Just push it enough, very gently, to actually trip the shutter.



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The red cable is a cable release, it screws into the shutter button of film cameras including the Pentax A3. It looks as though the one you have locks as well so you can make very long 'Bulb' exposures (google it).

Re the tele-converter, if you mount it between the camera and your 50mm lens, you effectively change the apparent focal length to 150mm. You'll need to decide whether you want to keep it or not. It's unlikely to produce optically outstanding images.

Re the filters, it depends what they are and whether or not you intend to shoot film. Some of them will probably be useful on a DSLR, but I doubt there will be many.

Re the A3 camera. Put a battery, maybe two, into the bottom of it and try a film through it. Check the light seals on the back and in and around the mirror box and replace as necessary.

Sounds like you got quite a bargain there.

Do check all of the lenses for fungus before mounting them any any DSLR or storing them with other lenses.
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Thank you Peter . My prime lens looks good. I didn't check all of them , but I will thank you. Does anybody wants to buy anything from that PM me please... I will sell cheaper then on Ebay.


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Better to put in a proper Classified Ad in the appropriate section than leave it to chance here.
Best regards, John


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johnriley wrote:
Better to put in a proper Classified Ad in the appropriate section than leave it to chance here.

Ok I will do it later on


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Looks good ... and I was right about two lenses.

The 50mm 1.7 itself is almost worth the purchase price and well worth keeping for use with the K5. With a tripod the 3x teleconverter on a lens could make some interesting pictures

Are there any ND Grad filters in there? And what size holders?


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The A50/1.7 is a very useful lens, and definitely worth keeping. Don't dismiss the 3x teleconverter before you try it. I stuck one of these on my Tamron 500mm f/8 mirror and the limiting factor was the high ISO I needed for action rather than the teleconverter. It makes a 50 f/1.7 into a reasonable 150 f/4.5, but using it on the 35-70 (as in the photo) probably won't give good results.

The A3 is a fully automatic camera with motorised film advance. You can probably test it by putting batteries in, opening the back (pull up the rewind knob on the left) - Don't touch the shutter! - and operating the shutter release should release the shutter and then attempt to wind the film on. This will give you some confidence - but the real test is to run film through it. If you haven't shot film before (and seeing that you now a film camera) I recommend you give it a try with the 50/1.7 (aperture set to 'A').
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I think we both did well...the bike I bought on the strength of a video is gorgeous (Mentioned in the previous thread)

Sometimes I'm serious and sometimes not, but I consider sarcasm an artform. Which is it today?
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