A terrible ordeal.


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As some of you already know, my wife is seriously disabled. As such, she needs help for just about anything and everything. Fortunately, the social service network in Québec supplies her with most of her physical needs during weekdays. Still, being dependent on other people for most thing is hard for the self esteem.

A few weeks ago, while I was at work, she tried to kill herself. Fortunately, the neighbor across the street saw her through the window with a plastic bag over her head, and managed to act swiftly enough to save her.

A few days prior to that event, her behavior had taken a change, but I just thought she needed a break, and I had asked the CLSC (Québec's social network) what I could do. Unfortunately, I asked too late to get the help she needed.

She ended up spending three weeks in the hospital. After numerous test to eliminate physical causes, she was diagnosed with severe depression and psychosis.

These last few weeks were the worst weeks of my life. Right now, she has medication that really helps her, but she's not the person she was before. Far from it.

If ever your loved one's behavior takes a sudden change, please, don't be afraid to seek medical help. The price to pay for not doing so is too steep.
Yves (another one of those crazy Canucks)


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That's really sad Yves. Life can be so cruel.

Hope things pick up. Best wishes



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Thats sound advice, you have my sympathy's Mate. Brave of you to share that with us, I hope things get better for you both soon.


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Yes, very sad, I hope things improve for you and, most importantly, your wife.
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Very sad news, our thoughts are with you. Hope all is well soon.
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All I can say is it must have taken a lot to even share this Yves. I sincerely hope that things start to improve for you both, cant imagine the hell you must have been going through and through all of this you not only share it with us here but offer first rate advice

Good luck, This puts the important things in life into perspective
All the best

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Sad to hear. Chin up Matey... Hope things improve for your wife real soon.
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Yves, one of my best friends (if not bestest) was sectioned with pychosis three months ago. To say she was not herself was an understatement - there were persistent strongly held delusions as well as the side effects of the meds. Obviously it varies from person to person, but she has now been discharged, and has a more positive outlook than before. In her case many years of depression appeared to have culminated in a breakdown which although terrifying, saw her emerge with renewed strength. I hope your wife recovers soon, but she *will* recover.


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Yves, I cannot even begin to imagine what you are going through right now.
Thankyou for having the courage to share this with us. I am sure your wife will be receiving the best possible treatment and help. I hope there is a support system for you too, to help you get through it as well.
My thoughts are with you both.
please keep us posted on how things are, and know you can vent your feelings safely here if you need to. Feel free to. PM me if you just want to sound off in private.

Courage mon ami.


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Oh Yves

You must be asking all sorts of questions now - mainly ones which shouldn't be asked and you can't actually answer .

My thoughts are with you both
let the education continue

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like many others here I feel real sympathy for you and your wife.

Severe psychotic depression is a horrible illness for both the patient and their relatives. Your advice that help should be sought urgently is timely as it is a treatable condition. I hope that your wife continues to improve. Having a supportive partner helps the prognosis. (I am a retired general practitioner).

Best wishes to you both.


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Yves - it takes a lot of courage to open your heart to what are frankly, "faceless names" here, and I applaud you for "reaching out". Nobody here can truly offer advice that would be beneficial to both your good lady, and yourself - we can only offer words of comfort. It is for you and your wife to come to terms with the situation, but I know from personal experience that when your mindset is as confused as what both of yours must be, it's always good to get another person's outlook on things. All I can say is; stick with the professionals - they are there to help you both cope with your situation. You have to be the "rock" for your wife, as she's obviously in a fragile and vulnerable state of mind right now. When you have moments when you feel that these emotions are trying to overwhelm you, always remember that there are others here thinking of you both!.. Keep your chin up, mate!!


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I am not going to go into details - this thread is your story - not mine. However, lets just say that I have reasons for being able to empathise with you.

Your road ahead is going to be challenging but you will get there.

Most advice you will receive will be well meaning and largely useless - we are all different and need to find our own way through things like this.

The only piece of advice I will offer is this - never forget that it is an illness you are dealing with, it is not your fault or your wife's.

All the best

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My thoughts are with you and your wife, i hope all gets better for you all.
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Yves: I am so sorry, for both of you. It is so hard for each of you to deal with this situation. It is good to know that the social services are good in Quebec, and I hope that they will find new ways to help. The medication will help your wife, but it must be heartbreaking to see a change. Maybe it is some help to know that you have friends everywhere who wish you both well.

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